Beautiful Wedding Themes For Spring

wedding themes for spring

Colorful blossoms, fresh sunshine, and new love make Spring a perfect time to marry. If you have your heart set on a spring wedding, make it extra special with one of these wedding themes for spring. Search through PurpleTrail’s new collection of custom wedding invitations.

Wedding Themes for Spring: Garden

If you’d like to incorporate loads of color, an outdoor venue, and a variety of beautiful spring flowers into your big day, consider making the theme of your ceremony: a garden wedding.

There are a variety of beautiful garden venues all over the world. If you’re willing to do a bit traveling, take a look at this MNN article: 9 Most Beautiful Places in the Spring for inspiration. Or, do a quick Google search to find one in your area.

Beyond a great venue, the success of your garden wedding will also depend on the right stationery, beautiful decor, and your guests’ comfort.

wedding themes for spring
Soft Pink Whimsical Florals Save The Date Card by

Check out the beautiful floral booklet card above. This invitation offers 8-full pages for photos, party details, and additional design. The bright colors and floral embellishments will add tons of life and color to your wedding and effectively introduce your theme to friends and family.

As for decor, try to accentuate your venue’s most beautiful assets with lanterns, curtains and simple wooden furniture.

Sprinkle a layer of flower petals on the ground, which can act as your aisle runner and pass out umbrellas to your guests as favors. The fancy umbrellas will provide your guests with shelter, while also adding to the atmosphere of your garden themed affair.

You’ll want to use decor that looks natural outdoors. Nothing flashy that would take away from your gorgeous venue.

Wedding Themes for Spring: Picnic

If you’re in search of a wedding theme for Spring that’s laid-back, affordable, and very family friendly — a picnic wedding may be right up your alley.

Affordable favors, decor, and food will save you stress and money, while fresh air and lots of open space make your guests feel at ease. What more could you ask for?

wedding themes for spring
Country Plaid Wedding Invitation by

Introduce guest to your theme with picnic wedding stationery. Anything like the 8-paged rustic wedding invitation above should do.

To get your theme across, you can also try including fun wording that hints at your motif.

Choose a color combination that sparks thoughts of picnics, summer, and the outdoors, and complete the look of your stationery with stylish fonts and quality paper that reflects your taste and your wedding’s unique picnic theme.

Wedding Themes for Spring: White

A symbol for fresh starts, rebirth, and hope, if spring were a color I think it would be white — the ideal spring wedding color.

Opting for a white wedding will add tons of class and sophistication to your big day. This is a perfect theme for anyone with a love for simplicity.

wedding ideas for spring
Modern Infographic Wedding Invitation by

Start your white wedding off with the booklet card above. This stylish 8-paged wedding invitations will showcase your special news and favorite photos with style and grace.

Choose to hold your weddings indoors or outdoors — either will work with this flexible theme. Wherever your wedding may be, try dressing it with lots of white spring flowers. Tulips, lilacs, and roses are all spring flowers that come in white. They will make your venue look and smell beautiful.

Complete your venue with large white balloons, soft curtains, and plenty of sources of light — candles, lanterns, chandeliers, and stings of lights can all be used to make your venue look cheerful and bright.

Wedding Themes for Spring: Love Birds

A cute theme like love birds will let you incorporate soft feathers, adorable bird themed favors, and romantic music into your big day — how fun!

Introduce your sweet theme with this Taupe and Peach Feather Wedding Invitation from These invites will add tons of spring flavor and style to your big day.

Taupe and Peach Feather Wedding Invitation by
Taupe and Peach Feather Wedding Invitation by

To further accentuate this fun spring wedding theme, try releasing doves at your ceremony, pass out tiny sacks of bird seed to your guests as party favors (these are super cute!), and decorating your venue with some of the following love bird wedding decor ideas.

Birdcages: Fill up antique metal birdcages with fresh flowers or white candles and hang them throughout your venue. Or, you can also use them as table centerpieces.

Bird Themed Confetti: Sprinkle this bird shaped confetti (that’s cut from sheets of music) on tables throughout your venue.

Feathers: Add feathers to the bouquets and boutonnieres. You can even purchase a wedding dress with feather accents or feather hair pieces or hats — if you’re willing to incorporate something a bit different into your wedding.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Good luck planning for your spring wedding! Hopefully, you found these wedding themes for spring helpful! For more inspiration and customizable wedding invitation designs check out

Have fun and remember to embrace this exciting project — planning for a wedding is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience!


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