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Here at PurpleTrail, we are seeing that Wedding Announcements are becoming more and more popular with our customers.  If you are planning  a  nontraditional wedding or an elopement, a wedding announcement might be for you!  Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my own wedding this summer.

My Fiance Tony and I did not want to have a big, fancy wedding, having to plan everything and keep track of people coming and going. That just isn’t our style. In fact, we really only wanted it to be the two of us, sweet and simple, having more time to enjoy the moment, and each other. We live in such a beautiful state, here in Washington and we love being outdoors, we wanted to find a place that would be meaningful to us, and be surrounded by nature. After my roommate suggested that we go for a weekend on Orcas Island,  we decided that the perfect location would be on top of Mount Constitution, in Moran State Park, overlooking the water and the San Juan Islands. We spent a wonderful weekend hiking and enjoying island life and all it has to offer. We were lucky, it was sunny all weekend (which doesn’t happen very often here, even in the summer).

Then, Monday morning it was misty and dream-like as we drove up to the top of the mountain and met up with Sandy Playa who would be officiating the ceremony. It felt like we were in a mystical fairy land, with everything so green and vibrant. As we said our vows and took photos on the mountain, we kept saying “this is so perfect”.  It was perfect for us, and just what we wanted. Somehow it just all fell together, making it a day we will never forget.

When we got home, of course I went straight to PurpleTrail design center and designed my Announcements. I actually took one of PurpleTrail’s Wedding Invitations designed by Megan and re-worked it a little to make it an Announcement. I printed these as cards, sent them as online Announcements and as keepsake Magnets. Then, I created a personalized Thank You Cards also!

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We hope this inspires you to plan your perfect wedding, large or small. And we hope that PurpleTrail will be a little part of your lasting memories.

Esther and Tony’s wedding:

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1- I loved my bouquet! Cindy Morgan – (the Martha Stewart of Orcas) from Nest designed it, she’s amazing!

2- We stayed at the Inn at ships bay, which has beautiful views of the East sound and one of the best restaurants on the Island.

3- Making our way to the top of the Mountain.

4- Sandy Playa, our officiant and her husband Carl who are retired Park Rangers and now officiate ceremonies anywhere on the island.

5- The kiss!

6-We hiked through the forest taking our own photos.

Here are a couple Wedding Announcements from our collection:

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