Vintage Wedding Ideas: Invitation Wording, Decade Themes, Styles

If you’re planning for a vintage wedding, and you’re in need of a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find vintage wedding themes, featuring vintage wedding trends through the decades, along with vintage wedding invitation ideas and vintage wedding invitation wording samples.

Vintage Wedding Themes By Decade: 1920s

What were weddings like in the 1920s? If you’re planning on borrowing vintage wedding ideas from this era, you’ll want to find a simple, loose-fitting wedding gown, with capped sleeves and intricate beadwork, top yourself off with an elaborate headpiece, hire a jazz band, and incorporate themes of prohibition and art deco design into your vintage, 1920s inspired wedding.

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1920s inspired vintage wedding. Photo courtesy of

Vintage Wedding Ideas: 1920s

1920s Wedding Dress: Wedding dresses of the 1920s typically were very loose ankle or knee length garments with delicate cap sleeves. Some featured elaborate beadwork while others were very simple and plain.

1920s Wedding Accessories: Wedding accessories of the 1920s consisted of ornate headpieces with long, flowing veils. These vintage headpieces fit over brides’ foreheads, much like a hat would, and were known as cap veils. Kate Moss incorporated a beautiful cap veil into her 2011 vintage wedding ensemble.

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
Kate Moss wearing a cap veil. Photo courtesy of

1920s Wedding Decor: The 1920s is known for art deco design and its growing popularity in decorations and architecture. This art form is characterized by the bold use of zigzags, sweeping curves, chevron patterns, and the sunburst motif. Try incorporating art deco into your wedding by including busy patterns, rich palettes, and geometric shapes in table cloths, centerpieces, and accessories, like bouquets, shoes, and boutonnieres.

Vintage Wedding Invitations: 1920s

As we mentioned earlier, art deco goes hand in hand with the 1920s, so try incorporating its design elements into your custom wedding invitations. Check out for more 1920s wedding invitation inspiration. Find tips on what to write in your 1920s vintage wedding invitations by reading the vintage wedding invitation wording ideas below.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Wording: 1920s

Big Timers and Dames
Get dolled up to for an evening of
love, laughter, and a swinging good time as
Katheryn Ann & William John
take a walk down the middle aisle
at their 1920s inspired vintage ceremony and reception
February Second Two Thousand Twenty One at Noon
Starlight Ballroom
One Hundred State Street, Seattle, WA
You’re invited to a night of cocktails, canapes, and Coco Chanel
To celebrate the wedding of
Stacy Ann and Robert John
January 1st, 2021 at Harlem Dance Hall
Five in the evening
243 San Francisco, California
Reception to follow.

Vintage Wedding Themes By Decade: 1930s

What were weddings like in the 1930s? Think old-Hollywood glamour, the great depression, and swing music. These are three dominating themes of the 1930s. If you’re planning a 1930s inspired wedding, purchase a slim-fitting, satin or rayon gown, accessorize with dazzling rhinestones, feathers, and furs, and incorporate themes of Hollywood’s Golden Age into your 1930s inspired vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Ideas: 1930s

1930s Wedding DressNothing influenced fashion more in the 1930s than Hollywood. Starlets popularized slim fitting satin gowns, sparkly accessories, and feather and rhinestone hair pieces. These styles crossed over into wedding dresses; and, in effect, slim fitting, silk satin wedding gowns became all the rage during the 1930s, but most brides of this era often opted for rayon fabrics rather than silk, due to its affordability.

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
1930s inspired silk wedding gown. Photo courtesy of Sam Aronov.

1930s Wedding Accessories: During the 1930s veils were worn over the face. Sparkling accessories such as rhinestone embedded headpieces and rich fur coats, which were also popularized by Hollywood starlets, were also worn by brides. Top hats and bow ties were in style for men.

1930s Wedding Decor: Art deco was still popular during the 1930s. Prohibition was still in effect. And, organized crime was at its peak. Incorporate these motifs, along with fresh cut flowers, antique vases, and retro furniture into your 1930s inspired vintage wedding. Are you a fan of Wizard of Oz, Disney’s Snow White, or Super Man? All of these pop culture icons were conceived and thrived during the 1930s.

Vintage Wedding Invitations: 1930s

Again, you can incorporate elements of art deco design into your 1930s inspired vintage wedding invitations. The 1939-1940 theme for the New York World’s Fair was “Designing the World of Tomorrow.” This is another fun retro theme you can incorporate into your 1930s inspired vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Wording: 1930s

Martha and Johnathan
invite you to share in the love and joy
of their wedding ceremony
Friday, the first of April
Two Thousand Twenty One
Reception to follow.
Timberline Ballroom
Three Hundred Stone Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Because you have shared in our lives,
we invite you to share in our joy
as we exchange vows at our wedding
Karen Ann and Joseph Wayne
Sunday the first of February
Two Thousand Twenty One
Cadberry Ballroom
Two Hundred Stone Street
Chicago, Illinois

Vintage Wedding Themes By Decade: 1940s

Due to WWII, which took place from 1939-1945, marriages were often rushed, men married in service uniforms, and cakes weren’t what they are today, because of the war ration on milk, eggs, and butter. Although time and resources were scarce, weddings pulled families and friends together and everyone pitched in to create homemade weddings cakes and favors.

Vintage Wedding Ideas: 1940s

1940s Wedding DressLong, shiny rayon gowns with broad shoulders and slim waists became the most sought after wedding dress of the 1940s. Rayon replaced silk during this decade because silk was needed to construct WWII parachutes and other war materials.

1940s Wedding Accessories: Short, birdcage veils were popular during the 1940s. Women of the early 1940s were very crafty and embroidered handkerchiefs were hot wedding favors of this era. Consider making your own or purchasing some for your guests.

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
1940s inspired wedding and wedding dress courtesy of

1940s Wedding Decor: Try decking out your 1940s vintage inspired wedding with antique silver vases, fresh cut flowers, and candles. Simple embellishments can add just enough vintage flavor and color to your 1940s inspired vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding Invitations: 1940s

Although it was wartime, Hollywood continued to play a big role in the lives of Americans throughout the 1940s. Casablanca was one of the major films released during this time. Consider using it as inspiration for your 1940s wedding invitations, complete with your favorite quote from the movie.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Wording: 1940s

(for a movie post inspired vintage wedding invitation)

Love! Cake! Vintage flair!
No wedding has ever had more!
You’re invited to celebrate the marriage of
Sharon and Robert
April 20th, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
Sacred Heart’s Chapel
333 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA
It’s swing time!
Come celebrate the marriage of
Betty and Johnathan
November 10th, 2021 4:00 pm
Galaxy Ballroom
400 Star Lane, Seattle, WA
There will be a dancing, cocktail, and dinner reception to follow.


Vintage Wedding Themes By Decade: 1950s

What were weddings like in the 1950s? Short tea-length wedding dresses, sweetheart necklines, and gloves were all the rage. As far as 1950s life and pop culture, rock and roll were born and America’s economy boomed. Things like homes in the suburbs, cars, and televisions were more accessible than ever.

Vintage Wedding Ideas: 1950s

1950s Wedding Dress: Short tea-length wedding dresses with billowing skirts, a wasp-waist, and sweetheart necklines were the favored wedding dress of the 1950s. Unlike the 1940s, brides were not afraid of using a lot of luxurious fabric. Full skirts and lace, silk wedding gowns were the trend.

1950s Wedding Accessories: Because 1950s wedding dresses were typically shorter, brides’ shoes became more glamorous and veils became shorter. In addition to fancy shoes and short veils, gloves, long and short, were another must-have for 1950s brides.

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
1950s inspired retro Australian wedding. Photo courtesy of

1950s Wedding Decor: Cut glass, elegant fabrics, and white flowers were popular 1950s wedding decor. Try including these classic vintage wedding decorations along with retro furniture and a fun 1950s theme. Rock and roll or pop art, an art form that began in the late 1950s, would both make great 1950s, vintage wedding themes.

Vintage Wedding Invitations: 1950s

How to create 1950s inspired vintage wedding invitations? First of all, you’ll want to make sure to include your wedding colors and vintage wedding theme, if you have one. If you don’t consider choosing one.

Try picking a vintage wedding theme centered on an artist, like Jackson Pollock, music genre, like rock and roll, or film, like Father of the Bride, or a cultural phenomenon, like the beat generation, that was popular during the 1950s. Then incorporate the theme into your vintage wedding invitations and vintage wedding decor.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Wording: 1950s

Dollies and Daddios
Join us for a swell time
at our, Katie and Bill,
1950s inspired vintage wedding
April 20th, 2021 10:00 AM
Pink Lady Dance Hall
2343 Water Street, Seattle, WA
Reception to follow.


We’ll be rockin’ around the clock
Stacy and Joe’s
1950’s inspired vintage wedding
What to expect:
a jazz band that can really blow,
cake, dinner, and open bar
What to wear:
Your finest threads. 1950’s attire encouraged.
Where it will be:
Poodle Palace
232 Water Street, Chicago, Illinois
When will it be:
February 20th, 2021 at Noon

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
Pink Laser Cut Florals Wedding Invitation by

Vintage Wedding Themes By Decade: 1960s

What were weddings like in the 1960s? While the 1950s were conservative and brides were expected to cover up, the 1960s was a new era that brought light to the civil rights movement, peace and love, and the mini skirt, which soon made its way into wedding culture; celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, and Mia Farrow all donned very short mini wedding dresses as they walked down the aisle.

Vintage Wedding Ideas: 1960s

1960s Wedding Dress: Wedding dresses of the 1960s came in a number of shapes and styles. From super-short mini wedding dresses to psychedelic angel dresses to conservative wool suit ensembles and traditional gowns, brides had a lot of options.

1960s Wedding Accessories: Horn-rimmed glasses, big hair, false lashes, and floral crowns were popular 1960’s wedding accessories. The daisy was the flower of choice for most brides and bouffant veils were worn to give height to already high hairdos.

vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
1960’s inspired wedding courtesy of Photo by James Melia Photography.

1960s Wedding Decor: Try getting your hands on authentic 1960’s dinnerware, lanterns, and decor. Include iconic 1960s dishes and desserts on your menu. Choose a theme that reflects the era, whether it’s based on a movement, band, or art form is up to you.

Vintage Wedding Invitations: 1960s

Because weddings of the 1960s varied so drastically based on when they occurred and what the brides were interested, we recommend choosing a theme to simplify things.

You can choose to go with an early 1960s vintage wedding theme, peace and love, or you can choose a film, band, or art form that was popular during the time. Narrowing down your theme will help you design your vintage wedding invitations, choose decor, and find the perfect dress.


vintage wedding Invitation Wording Vintage Wedding Ideas
Floral Garden Monogram Wedding Invitation by

Vintage Wedding Invitation Wording: 1960s

With peace in our thoughts and love in our hearts,
we invite you to join us for our wedding
Karen and Joseph
February Twenty Second Two Thousand Twenty One, At Noon
Smith Farm. 222 Oak Lane. Seattle, WA.
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn,
is just to love and be loved in return”
– Eden Ahbez
All I need is the earth below me,
The sky above me, and you beside me for my wedding day.
Karen and Robert
January 20th, 2021
Pine Resort. 333 Pine Street.
Seattle, Washington

Hopefully, these vintage wedding ideas and vintage wedding invitation wording samples have left you feeling inspired! Good luck planning for your vintage wedding!

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