Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards and Party Invitations

Valentine’s Day is coming up and our design team has created some sweet Valentine’s Day cards and party invitations to help you celebrate the occasion.  Esther from our design team shares her favorite Valentine’s Day story as well as some of our lovely Valentine’s Day designs.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It may have something to do with my very first Valentine’s Day at school.  When I was in first grade, My mom had told me about how we would have a party in class for Valentine’s Day and I had spent a long time creating my Valentines for the other children.  I was very excited as visions of candy hearts and Smurf valentine cards filled my dreams the night before. The morning of Valentines Day I was giddy with anticipation and I hugged my mom before heading out the door.  Just then she noticed something on my legs: little red spots.  “You have chicken pox!” she said.

And just like that, my dreams for a perfect first grade valentine party were crushed.  I spent the next two weeks itchy and bored, recovering in my room.  One day, my mother came in with a box for me – my first grade had mailed all of my valentines to me!  It didn’t make up for missing the party, but it was wonderful to know that they were still thinking of me.  I still have all of those valentines in a scrapbook somewhere.

Our designers have created some fun new Valentine’s Cards and Valentine’s Party Invites for you to choose from. Take a look!

Valentine’s Day Cards

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1. Show off your wild style with this funky card.  With Zebra print on the background and fun type on the front, it will certainly stand out from the rest! There is room to place your photo on the back and write a greeting.

2. Is sports your thing?  Give this unique and playful card this Valentine’s Day.  A blue background is accented with a stripe and various sports balls are highlighted.  This card is fun to receive and to give because of it’s circle shape!

3. An adorable owl is center stage in this large, folded card.  You can place your picture on the front and a message on the inside.  Whooooo could resist this cute owl?


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1. This is a grungy, stylish party invite with a great texture as a border and a creative illustration on the front.  You are sure to have a rockin’ party when you send this invite!

2. This card is part invite, part greeting.  A clever, square card that looks like a game of tic-tac-toe and hugs and kisses!  A clean white background highlights the pink invite in the center.

3. Here is an elegant 7X5, two sided card featuring an adorable stripe and classy martini glasses. Simple and chic, your friends will love to get invited to this party!

We at PurpleTrail wish you lots of love and warmth this Valentine’s Day!  What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day?



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