Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You can show your appreciation for mom by giving her a gift from the heart. Need some gift-giving inspiration? Here are the top 10 Mother’s Day gifts that will help make her day special.

1.) Custom Canvas Print Photo of the Family

Choose your favorite high-resolution photo of your family and have it professionally applied to a canvas at PurpleTrail. A frameless canvas print is a modern take on the classic family photo that will give your mom’s living room a stylish, art gallery feel. Simply select the size that’s most appropriate for the space available in your mom’s home. Since PurpleTrail’s canvases come ready to hang with all the necessary hardware, getting your canvas print on your mom’s wall is a snap.


Can’t decide on one photo? You can customize a photo collage canvas print through PurpleTrail using a selection of your favorite photos. As an alternative, you can put together a set of three canvas print photos, featuring a larger canvas print in the middle and two smaller canvas prints to be hung on each side. The gallery wall possibilities are endless!

2.) Kitchen Gift Basket

If your mom spends a lot of time cooking, chances are she’s been using the same worn out kitchen items for years. Why not put together a beautifully arranged gift basket full of newer, more elegant versions of some of her most heavily-used kitchen tools? An attractive kitchen gift basket might feature:

Kitchen Basket

  • A whimsically shaped cutting board
  • A set of fine wooden baking utensils
  • New salt and pepper shakers
  • A pretty oven mitt/potholder set
  • A colorful colander
  • A recipe journal

3.) Lightweight, Spring Scarf

As the weather gets warmer, your mom will be trading in her warm winter scarves for something lighter. Help your mom accessorize for spring with a lightweight scarf in spring colors and airy fabrics. This is just the type of beautiful gift that your mom wouldn’t think to get for herself. Check out our retail store for some great options that will add a pop of spring color to your mom’s wardrobe!


4.) Custom Journal for the Thoughtful Mom

PurpleTrail recently launched a line of gorgeous, fully-customizable journals that are perfect for moms who like to chronicle their day or organize their thoughts. You can choose from tons of available designs and even personalize the journal to feature your mother’s name in the font of your choice. Many of our designs help you tastefully include a photo on the front of the journal, although you can customize any journal design with photos and text. 


Other customization options for our journals include:

  • Hard or soft cover
  • Spiral or perfect binding
  • Blank or lined inside pages
  • Custom pages option

Simply choose the options you feel your mom would use and appreciate most!

5.) Custom Planner for the Busy Mom

A custom planner is a perfect gift for a mom who’s always busy. Sure, you can keep track of your schedule on your smartphone, but let’s face it, we spend so much time glued to our electronics that putting actual pen to paper is simply more satisfying for a lot of moms, especially ones that didn’t grow up in the tech generation.


At PurpleTrail, you can choose from more than 200 unique designs that you can fully customize to your mom’s unique taste. Include your choice of photos, quotes, and fonts to make your mom’s planner truly one of a kind.

6.) Custom Pillow

Does your mom have a favorite quote? Have it printed on a custom pillow! A custom pillow makes the perfect accent for your mom’s sofa or a pretty finishing touch for a freshly made bed.


With custom pillows from PurpleTrail, you have creative liberty to choose your own fonts and embellishments to make the pillow 100% unique, just like mom. You can even upload one or more photos to be printed on the pillow. Whatever you decide, your mom will know it was designed with heart.

7.) Spa Gift Basket

All hard-working moms need a little pampering from time to time. A spa-themed gift basket with items hand-picked by you might be just the thing to help her relax at the end of a long day. 

Spa Basket

A few ideas for a spa gift basket might include:

  • Fine scented soaps
  • A nail care kit
  • Moisturizing spa gloves
  • Fizzy bath bombs
  • Pumice stones and bath brushes
  • A candle to burn while soaking in the tub

8.) Custom Mug & Her Favorite Coffee or Tea

A custom mug is an affordable way to show your mom you care. PurpleTrail’s mugs can be personalized to feature your mother’s name in a beautiful font, her favorite quote, or even a photo that will make her smile as she sips her morning cup of coffee.


We suggest pairing a custom mug with a bag of her favorite coffee beans, her favorite flavor of tea, or even a gift card to her favorite coffeehouse. It’s a gift that will make your mom look forward to her morning!

9.) Scented Candles or Diffusers

Give your mom the gift of fragrance with a candle or diffuser that smells as good as it looks. We recommend going beyond the typical candles with gaudy packaging and overwhelming scents and choosing a fragrance that’s more sophisticated. 


One of our favorite brands is Paddywax, which has built a reputation for artisan home fragrance through its candles and diffusers. With scents like Mint Leaf Cardamom and Lavender Mimosa, you are giving your mom a fragrance experience with this caliber of a candle.

10.) Custom Embroidered Apron

Last but not least, a custom embroidered apron is a gift that’s both whimsical and practical. Your mom will use it every time she cooks, but the apron’s personalization lets everyone know who the cook in the family is. Your custom addition to the apron takes a regular kitchen staple and makes it special.



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