Top 10 Baby Announcement Designs

Blue and White Scallop Photo Adoption Announcement

Welcome home your new baby with these Blue and White Scallop Photo Adoption Announcements. The house die-cut shape will snugly fit your favorite photo, while the white scallop trim and soft blue pinstriped background, holding the “it’s official, we’re a family” wording, add warm, homey vibes to your special news. Near the bottom portion of these die-cut adoption announcements, you’ll find space for your newly adopted child’s name and adoption date, while the back offers additional space for details and you and your partner’s name. Although you can totally personalize this template, most customers change only a few things, like the photo and color. Make your own adoption announcements using this fun template with our convenient online design software now.

Faux Foil Hello Photo Birth Announcements

Bring your new baby face to face with friends and family on these Faux Foil Hello Photo Birth Announcements. Being extremely simple, with a full-photo backdrop, accented with “hello” in rich faux foil script, and space for your baby’s name, birthday, weight, and length, these birth announcements are easy to personalize, yet they still allow you to create something that is totally unique to you and your child. The realistic-looking faux foil script and delicate heart detail add a dazzling touch to the full-photo background, while the pinstriped pattern on the back and unique die-cut shape complies with the overall modern, minimalistic theme of the design. You can make your own photo birth announcements using this faux foil template, complete with your favorite baby photo, personalized details, and more.

Light Blue Whimsical Florals Birth Announcement

Light Blue Whimsical Florals Birth Announcement Complete with space for a photo, eye-catching, red polka-dot details, and a crown of sweet floral accents in red and white, these Light Blue Whimsical Florals Birth Announcements are the perfect way to introduce your new little girl to friends and family. Customers love these girl photo birth announcements because of their fresh blue palette, simple typography, and bright red polka-dot borders, which attract attention to the photo. The back completes the design with a white polka dot pattern on top of a light blue background. Use this cute template to make your own birth announcements for your new little girl, using photos, colors, fonts, and accents of your choice.

Modern Blocks Oh Boy Pregnancy Announcement

Customers love the modern layout and cheerful palette of our Modern Blocks Oh Boy Pregnancy Announcements. Although it’s designed for a boy, hence the title, the color scheme can be personalized to be feminine or gender neutral. The grid layout breaks up photos and text in an interesting yet easy-to-read way, so you can fit a variety of details about your special news, without your announcements looking cluttered. The varying block section features unique backgrounds and borders, while fun wording like “oh boy!” and “we’re expecting” help emphasize your news. Customers rarely change much about these modern photo pregnancy announcements, but you can use this modern template to make pregnancy announcements that are as unique as this special moment in your life.

Pink and Gray Airplane Adoption Birth Announcement

Offering 8-full pages for photos, wording, and personalized design, in a fun booklet-style format, our Pink and Gray Airplane Adoption Birth Announcements are favorites among new moms and dads who want to tell their adoption story with favorite pictures and detailed wording. The cover boasts an adorable airplane embellishment carrying a gray “Welcome Home” banner, white fluffy clouds, and space for a photo, while quaint heart accents, sweeping cursive script, and whimsical backgrounds and borders are seen throughout the entire design. Make your own adoption announcements using this multi-page template, complete with your favorite photos and details on how your new family member ended up in your arms.

Rustic Brown Cowboy Funny Birth Announcement

Our Rustic Brown Cowboy Funny Birth Announcements feature a spacious quad-fold, 8-panels layout, and an adorable western theme that will knock your friends and family’s boots off. Customers love the funny cowboy details, cute rope, mustache, and cowboy hat accents, and spacious layout. The adorable western wording, “Yeehaw!” and “There’s a new cowboy in town,” will evoke smiles while casting a ray of ruggedness on your new buckaroo’s arrival. Wood-grain details surround photos and carry the rustic theme further, while the typography and fonts featured throughout the announcements are charming and fun. Make your own birth announcements for your new baby boy, complete with favorite photos, special details, quotes, and more, using this unique tri-fold template.

So Worth The Wait Photo Adoption Announcement

Popular among families who’ve recently adopted, our So Worth The Wait Photo Adoption Announcements feature space for a photo of your child, a transparent banner wielding a sentimental poem, and a soft, sweet palette that will work for both boys and girls. “So worth the wait” wording decorates the bottom of the photo in a mix of fun fonts, while further wording and space for details adorns the bottom portion of these custom adoption announcements. Customers adore the sweet poem in the corner and often leave it as is. The default layout showcases the design with a whimsical wavy die-cut shape, but it can be personalized with any of our many trim options. Although you can redesign every aspect these photo adoption announcements, customers rarely change anything outside of the photo and wording.

Sweet Simple Photo Boy Birth Announcement

Providing a full-photo layout, elegant cursive script, and a clean white banner for your baby’s name and details, these Sweet Simple Photo Boy Birth Announcements offer a classic palette and layout that’s easy to customize with photos and wording. Our customers love the simplicity of these boy birth announcements – which allows their baby’s photo and details to take center stage. The fun square shape and ticket trim add eye-catching style to the simple design, while a white polka-dot pattern on a solid blue background adds a finishing touch to the whole design. You can use this simple photo template to make your own birth announcements for your little boy using our easy-to-use online design software.

Twice The Love Twin Boys Birth Announcement

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let a great photo do the talking on our Twice the Love Twin Boys Birth Announcements. The full-photo backdrop will make your photo the focal point of the announcement, while the modern white vertical fonts note each baby’s name and rich navy fonts highlight each boy’s birth time, weight, and height. These twin birth announcements have a contemporary look and feel, thanks to the clever white fonts, which blend in with the white border and look as though they’ve been cut out of the photo. Customers love how fast and easily these custom twin birth announcements can be personalized. You can make your own birth announcements, complete with your choice of colors, wording, photos, and more, using this twins birth announcement template as a starting point.

Woodland Critters Baby Girl Birth Announcements

Providing an off-the-beaten-path design for girl birth announcements, complete with a unique long and skinny shape, space for a photo, and simple typography wreathed with whimsical woodland critters, animal tracks, and sweet floral details, there’s a lot to love about our Woodland Critters Baby Girl Birth Announcements. Customers flock to this design because of the fun nature-theme and rustic details, but they also enjoy the long and skinny layout, which provides additional space for photos. The deer, moose, and bunny accents are rustic yet charming and sweet – just like the peach, green, and brown palette. Make your own birth announcements using this fun template with our handy online design tools.

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