Top 10 Anniversary Invitation Designs

Can’t decide on which wedding anniversary invitations to buy? Here’s a look at the designs our customers love most, covering everything from 10th anniversary invitations to 25th anniversary invitations, 40th anniversary invitations, 50th anniversary invitations, and invites for the years in between.

Purple Painted Anniversary Invitation

Complete with a black and white filter for your favorite photo, a dramatic palette, and sweet “true love” wording in elegant script, our Purple Painted Anniversary Invitations are favorites among customers. The colorful brushstrokes glossing over the center of card add a splash of color to the card, while alluding to the expressive nature of love and romance. The elegant die-cut trim puts a finishing touch on the entire design and helps tie everything together. These custom anniversary invitations are ordered often, likely due to the creative design and gender-neutral palette.

Black and White Vintage 40th Anniversary Party Invitation

Consistently ordered over the past 4 years, our Black and White Vintage 40th Anniversary Party Invitations are often chosen for milestone years, like 40th, 50th, and 60th anniversaries. The simple palette is formal and clean, while the white vintage frame, throughout the front and back, adds definition and shape to the text and photo. Although customers love personalizing these photo anniversary invitations with their own photo, old or new, they rarely make changes beyond that. Use this classy template to make anniversary invitations that reflect your year and celebration, complete with custom wording, photos, and more.

Blue and White Lace 25th Anniversary Invitation

Although we have many lace designs, our Blue and White Lace 25th Anniversary Invitations are beyond popular. White lace borders drape the corners of these square die-cut anniversary invitations, while classy cursive script and simple typeface harmonize throughout the center. The deep blue background compliments the formal fonts and trimmings. The refreshing blue and white palette is a sweeter alternative to the traditional black and white motif featured throughout most formal invitations. These 25th anniversary invitations are very easy to personalize, yet we rarely see the colors or overall design changed. Like the wording, background and fonts, the die-cut trim can also be changed to your liking. These are available in a variety of colors, depending on the milestone you’re celebrating, so check out our other categories for more colors.

Coral and Gray Flashback Memories 25th Anniversary Invitation

Our customers flock to our Coral and Gray Flashback Memories 25th Anniversary Invitations for a few reasons; one being, they love the flashback photos. They usually include a photo of their wedding day along with a modern snapshot. The photos are angled in different directions and secured with little washi tape accents, holding the year, giving the design a scrapbook look and feel. The right side of the 25th anniversary invitations provide colorful, fun typography, complete with an eclectic mix of fonts, borders, and colors for your anniversary wording. Customers enjoy the variety and find this design easy to customize due to the clean layout. Splashes of coral and white coat the gray background, while the opposite side features a bold coral and white striped pattern.

Linen Textured Elegance Anniversary Invite

Whether your 40th anniversary will involve wine or you’re simply a fan of purple and taupe — the linen-textured anniversary invitations will suit your celebration and tastes perfectly. The bright purple lettering, elegant swirl embellishment, and simple layout will convey your 40th-anniversary party details with clarity, grace, and style. Start personalizing this formal 40th-anniversary invitation in the PurpleTrail design center today.

Faux Foil Love 10th Anniversary Invitation

Customers love showcasing their photos on custom anniversary invitations and this design proves to be no exception. “Love” in faux foil script cascades across the top of the full-bleed photo backdrop, while clean, simple typography bears anniversary party details near the bottom of these romantic Faux Foil Love 10th Anniversary Invitations. These are very easy to customize with the ability to drag and drop photos and edit text boxes with one click of your mouse. Use this romantic template to make your own 10th anniversary invitations showcasing your favorite photo and details.

25 Loving Years Modern Squares Anniversary Invitation

Customers love sharing old photos alongside new ones on our 25 Loving Years Modern Squares Anniversary Invitation. Whether you want to use these custom anniversary invitations for a different year or blue is not your color, you can easily make anniversary invitations that suit your celebration by personalizing this template with our online design tool.

Colorful Confetti 10th Anniversary Invitation

With colorful confetti sprinkles, space for your best photo, and fancy crown-like borders, this 10th anniversary invitation is as colorful as it is inexpensive. Friends and family will love seeing your favorite photo and special news upon such a cheerful invitation. Start personalizing this beautiful and bright anniversary invitation for your special day in the PurpleTrail design center. Make your own 10th anniversary invitations using this design as a starting point with our online design tool.

10th Anniversary Mint and White Vintage Anniversary Invite

With classy fonts encased in a royal border resting on a partially white, partially scalloped background, these 10th Anniversary Mint and White Vintage Anniversary Invitations pay homage to Art Deco design of the early 20th century. While customers appreciate the sophisticated and elegant look of these anniversary invitations, especially when planning a formal celebration, the trendy gender neutral palette of mint, white, and gray is also enjoyed. You can find these vintage anniversary invitations in different colors throughout our various categories. Use this charming template to make your own 10th anniversary invitations, complete photos, colors, and wording of your choice.

Shimmering Golden 50th Anniversary Party Invitation

Highlighting the warmth and strength celebrated on 50th anniversaries through gilded hues, lustrous banners, and elegant cursive script, our Shimmering Golden 50th Anniversary Party Invitations have been favorites among customers for years. Veiled with shimmering gold banners and rambling cursive script, customers love the shiny, rich details and rarely change anything outside of the wording. The typography throughout the center is easy to customize with personal information and the overall formal appearance makes it ideal for any 50th anniversary party.

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Vintage Black and Cream Photo Frame Anniversary Banner by
Vintage Black and Cream Photo Frame Anniversary Banner by

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