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Between the stress of the world and our frenzied personal lives, it’s easy to focus on anything but ourselves. Work and relationships often take the majority of our energy, so much so that we overlook our own happiness and health. With so many distractions, from social media to politics, it’s hard to find time to spend exclusively on ourselves. Here at PurpleTrail, we understand the importance of mindfulness and well-being and are excited that we can provide products that help customers manage their mental health. By setting aside time to use the PurpleTrail Wellness Journal, you’ll learn about your emotions and patterns all while gaining a healthy habit.

Mental Benefits of Journaling

Journaling contributes to both your physical and mental health in a multitude of ways. Expressing your feelings onto paper about an upsetting encounter or past trauma allows any related stress you’ve subconsciously buried to come to light and fade away. Alternatively, writing about a positive event allows you to revisit a time at which you were happy, granting those same endorphins to occur again, which results in an increased sense of self-worth and confidence. 

During the practice of journaling, you’ll begin to learn more about yourself and will recognize both positive and negative patterns you may possess, whether they are akin to work, romantic relationships, or even parenting. Do you struggle with over-indulging, procrastination, or being misunderstood? Many of those who journal notice an improvement in their self-discipline, a spark in their creativity, and an ability to resolve communication issues.

Physical Benefits of Journaling

Physically writing with pen to paper is also known to improve your memory and boost brain development; as you write, your neural activity increases, leading you to learn new things with ease and retain more information. Studies have also shown that journaling can improve your immune system, as well as reduce symptoms for those with asthmatic and arthritic conditions. Depending on your preferred journaling technique, you’ll notice constructive changes in numerous aspects of your life.

Types of Journaling

No need to start your journal entry with the classic, “dear diary” line. There are tons of different formats, techniques, and trends to try when it comes to writing in your PurpleTrail Wellness Journal. 

Unstructured Journaling, as the name implies, allows you the complete freedom to write whatever you want, for a recommended 20 to 30 minutes, or three pages, a day. This is the ideal approach for those who want to process their feelings and behaviors. It’s important while practicing unstructured journaling to resist editing yourself – it’s meant to flow organically and reveal honest emotion. Perfect for those with creative writing ambitions or gel pen addictions!

Vision Journaling is a technique often used by those with an affinity for planning. Its main objective is to help you achieve your goals. Use vision journaling for your passion projects and/or entrepreneurial endeavors. Unlike a vision statement used for products or brands, vision journaling takes both logic and emotion into consideration while reaching your pursuit.

Bullet Journaling combines crafting, drawing, writing, and planning all in one. Starting with a dotted grid page, the bullet journal technique directs you, the writer, to create headings, number pages, and draw calendars, creating your own design and therefore functionality. This type of journaling is perfect for all types of people – from minimalists who prefer writing their thoughts in lists, to visual artists who will hand draw (and color, and collage, and cover in stickers…) their bullet journal pages in great detail. 

Quick Journaling Techniques

Intimidated by all the choices? Or feel like finding the time to journal will be impossible? There are a variety of quick journaling methods to help you ease into the practice.

One line a day journaling consists of simply writing a single line before bed, reflecting on your feelings, observations, or activities of the day.
Gratitude journaling has you list 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for, daily. The key to gratitude journaling is to be specific – rather than “I’m grateful for my family,” find something more detailed to recount, like “I’m grateful for my nephew’s silly knock-knock jokes.”
And intention setting, a type of journaling done as soon as you wake up, consists of listing out your short-term goals for the day.

What We Offer

The PurpleTrail Wellness Journal comes in a variety of pages for your preferred journaling approach. For less-structured techniques, choose from our blank, lined, or bullet pages.

If you’d like some guidance, our graphic designers have compiled a variety of mental health and self-care-themed pages, which can be customized with your own labels and text to fit your desired use.

All our journals are offered in PurpleTrail’s tried and true cover types: synthetic, 10 mil laminate, and hardcover. The PurpleTrail Wellness Journal is even available in our luxurious sewn-bound book selection – a perfect gift for yourself or a friend! 

With its assortment of physical and mental benefits, it’s evident that journaling is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. Journaling is an ideal way to clear your mind of taxing work projects and disheartening news stories, and by doing so, you’ll improve aspects of both your mental and physical health. Start journaling now with one of PurpleTrail’s fully customizable wellness journals and reap the results – think of it as a fun, healthy habit just for you! 

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