The PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner

Cuts, colors, conditioning – so many services, so little time! Keep your salon organized and stress-free with the PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner. Designed specifically with beauty parlors in mind, this hair stylist planner is perfect for a hustling stylist or a burgeoning business. Record event bookings, new client statistics, daily appointments, and more – all with the PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner.


The PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner is perfectly laid out for every salon specialist. Vertical weekly columns allow for easy appointment tracking – customize the time on your planner pages to fit your specific needs. With 15 minute increments, you can conveniently book your growing list of clients.

Each week of the PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner includes a “to-do” and “notes” section; keep your weekly tasks organized and write yourself reminders here. 

Use the monthly planning pages to take note of revenue, client stats, and inventory needs. Compare your salon’s statistics month to month to learn about your business, and never run out of supplies with the planner’s handy supply list section. 

Jetting off to hair expos and special events? Use the “event bookings” spread, found monthly throughout the planner, to keep track of your excursions. Don’t let the travel itinerary overwhelm you – stay organized, get out there, and show off your salon skills!


As always, the PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner is completely customizable, from cover design, to page color, to additional tabbed add-on sections.

For a coiled planner, pick between our 3 cover types – synthetic, laminate, or hard cover. We also offer our hair stylist planners as an upscale sewn-bound book, with a durable hard cover and attached ribbon bookmark for easy navigation. Both available in 6”x8” and 8.5”x11” sizes.

Create a cover design all your own with customized text, photos, and artwork. Include your salon’s name or logo for excellent business branding, or pick from one of our many exclusive hair stylist cover designs.

Each hair stylist planner comes with a calendar spread, with your choice of start month and  length –  6, 9, 12, or 18 months. We even offer matching pairs of hair stylist planners to extend planner pages beyond what can fit in one book. Choose between our vibrant colored inside pages or classic neutral grey to perfectly match your style. 

The PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner also allows you to pick the start hour of planning pages. If your salon opens at 10am, your pages can start at 10am. Depending on the planner size you pick, the pages will span 10 (6”x8”) or 11 (8.5×11”) hours.

PurpleTrail offers numerous add-on pages, from accounts and bills trackers, to password logs and address books. Include up to 4 add-ons in your hair stylist planner so it fits your unique needs! Keeping track of receipts and inspo photos? Boost your planner’s functionality with the addition of a double-sided pocket folder! 

Whether you’re new to the salon scene or a bona fide beautician, PurpleTrail’s Hair Stylist Planner is an excellent tool for staying organized within the hectic world of hair. Show off your creative side in the PurpleTrail Design Center and create a stylish, functional hair stylist planner – a perfect opportunity for branding your business – and add a matching set of stickers to make your book even cuter. Know someone who could use a hair stylist planner? Present them with a thoughtful gift by adding a bookmark, pen set, or other stationery accessories to their planner. The perfect companions to a bustling stylist? A comb, shears, and the PurpleTrail Hair Stylist Planner! 

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