Student Planners Are Here!

Many experts agree that student planners are the most important tool for success in school.  Just in time for back-to-school season, we’ve released our newest PurpleTrail student planners.  As an organizational system, it lets students get organized and keep track of homework, study plans, milestones and long-term projects and papers.

Why is a student planner so important?  Writing down assignments and having a written plan for studying, frees up working memory so that a student can better focus on the task at hand.  This improves concentration and helps students learn more effectively and quickly.  Many students use a paper planner in addition to their digital calendars and apps to keep them on track.

Whether you’re looking for an elementary, middle school, high school or college student planners, the PurpleTrail school planner has flexibility and customization options for every type of learner.  The key thing is to find a planner system that works for the individual student – and we all learn differently.  The PurpleTrail student planners provide many different options and add-ons to allow everyone to uniquely plan their days.

PurpleTrail Student Planner Sizes & Cover Options

PurpleTrail student planners give two options for sizes:  6×8 and 8.5×11.  The 6×8 version is great for taking on the go in a backpack or book bag, while standard-sized paper can be tucked in the larger option and can accommodate more and larger handwriting.


With PurpleTrail, students can also pick their preference in cover options for their student planners. The first option is an unbendable and durable hard cover that can be customized on the front and back.  It is more resistant to long-term wear and tear.  The second option for customers is a flexible laminate cover that can be personalized on the front, inside front, inside back and back.


And we’ve also added a 2″ binder cover option for our student planners.  These are both durable and flexible, allowing you to add in your own pages. These also come in both sizes.


Design Your Own Cover

As with all personalized items at PurpleTrail, we let you customize as much as you want. Choose from one of our professionally designed covers with artwork in a variety of styles and colors. Each can be customized with your name, hobby, school, sorority, team or anything.  If you’re feeling artsy you can always show your school spirit and upload your own school, team or club logo in a .jpg, .gif, or .png file to feature on your planner.

PurpleTrail Chalkboard Confetti student planner
PurpleTrail Collegiate Greek Letters student planner
PurpleTrail Cute Round Glasses student planner
PurpleTrail Until It’s Done Student Planner

Inside PurpleTrail Student Planners

Each PurpleTrail academic planner contains both student information and important contacts information page.  We know how busy students can sometimes let their belongings go missing!  Also included is a 2-year holiday list and calendar as well as a full colored, two-page 12-month calendar.  Just indicate the month you would like your planner to start and we’ll take care of the rest.  Each section starts with durable color-coordinated dividers for easy access and organization.

Behind the monthly calendar spreads are what makes our planner exceptionally useful for students, two-page weekly student planning pages.  With 6 or 7 rows and columns (depending on the size of planner you selected) for subjects and days of the week, this layout allows for open scheduling and planning for tasks, assignments, examinations, appointments and responsibilities.  This proven layout lets students manage both their school and social life with ease and reliability.

Did we mention that you can have the subjects/classes printed inside too? Yup, customization to the max.

Add-On Options

We’ve also included more than 17 add-on options that allow you to add special sections to your planner.  Each of these helpful sections is a robust 10 sheets/20 pages and come with a coordinating tab divider page to make access easy.  Some of the most popular add-on options for students include the dotted grid and graph papers, to-do list and student checklist. For a complete list of add-on options and detailed descriptions, see this post.

PurpleTrail student planners

As a special add-on feature, we’ve included color coordinated stickers to dress up and organize your student planners.  You’ll find brightly colored tabs, boxes, alerts and lists in addition to cute decorations for appointments, games, birthdays and more. Customize your student planner for you and your organizational needs.  When ordered, stickers come neatly attached inside your planner for convenience and ease of use.  So decorate a little or a lot — it’s all up to you!

Additional Planners by PurpleTrail

If you have something else in mind for a planner, check out the other planners offered by PurpleTrail.  We have the right planner for your life stage and lifestyle.

Share Your Excitement

Let’s face it – receiving your shiny, new planner in the mail is exhilarating.  Share your unboxing on Facebook (@purpletrail) or Instagram (@purpletrailapp) using hashtag #purpletrailplanner.  We love to see your custom creations!

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