Rainbow Birthday Party Invitations, Birthday Wording, Decorations, Games

Our graphic design team has created a vibrant new collection of rainbow birthday party invitations saturated in whimsical accents and vibrant hues that cover age groups and styles across the spectrum. We’ll feature some of their beautiful new creations along with a colorful array of rainbow birthday party ideas, ranging from invitations, invitation wording, decorations, games, and more, you can use to add magic and joy to your little boy or girls special day.

Rainbow Celebrations Kids Birthday Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitations

Make your own rainbow birthday party invitations using any of the rainbow invitation templates featured throughout this post, or in our kids birthday invitations section, for your child’s special day. Add your choice of colors, fonts, photos, and more and complete your rainbow birthday party invitations with any of the fun rainbow birthday party invitation wording samples below.

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Rainbow Sketch Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation Wording: Over The Rainbow

Join us
somewhere over the rainbow
for fun, treats, and games to play
Katy’s 5th rainbow birthday
April 10th from noon until four
Our Home
343 Star Street, Seattle, WA
wear something bright!


Rainbow Cake Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.


Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation Wording: Carebear Invitation Wording

Join us for a beary bright
Rainbow Birthday Party
filled with sunshine, smiles, and birthday cheer
to celebrate
Stacy’s Sixth Year
Rainbow Kids Jamboree
April 20th from noon until two
300 Ocean Crest Street, Miami, Florida


Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation Wording: Little Pony Invitation Wording

Saddle up for friendship, smiles, and magic
at our little Laura’s
rainbow birthday bash
July 5th from 10 am to 3 pm
our home
343 Sparkle Street, Portland, Maine
crafts, games, and birthday cake provided
wear something colorful.

Bright Watercolor Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

Cast a ray of color in every shade on your kid’s birthday party using these fun rainbow birthday party decoration ideas.

Rainbow Birthday Party Decorations: Rainbow Streamers

You can stretch different colored streamers across your ceiling or tables, as shown in the photo below, to embellish your rainbow theme.

rainbow birthday party ideas
Streamers arranged to make a rainbow on a ceiling courtesy of Earlymama.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Decorations: Window Paint Rainbows

Purchase window paints in a variety of colors and use it to decorate your windows with clouds, rainbows, stars, and warm wishes for your kid’s rainbow birthday party.

Rainbow Birthday Party Decorations: Rainbow Cloud Birthday Banner, Bunting

You can find a variety of fun rainbow bunting and banners online. But, if you’re into crafts, you can also make your own banner for your kid’s rainbow birthday party using paper, ribbon, and a circuit machine (scissors and stencils can be used in place of the circuit machine too). Find a tutorial on making one on JennRawks.wordpress.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Decorations: Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

Explore Etsy.com for a variety of adorable birthday party decorations, banners, bunting, and food toppers, like these super cute rainbow cupcake toppers available through ItsAPartybyaracyjean’s shop or the rainbow cake topper featured below available through MiaSophias’  Etsy shop.

Rainbow cupcake toppers courtesy of MiaSophias Etsy Shop.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Games

Use these rainbow birthday party games for kids to add color and excitement to your kid’s celebration.

Rainbow Birthday Party Games: Parachute Party Games

If you were raised in the 90s and had parachute day in gym class, you already know how much fun kids can have playing with parachutes. Buy a giant rainbow parachute for your kid’s rainbow birthday party and visit Ustoy.com for a list of creative parachute games that will keep your rainbow birthday party guests entertained for hours.

rainbow birthday party ideas
Kids playing with a giant parachute courtesy of Ustoy.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Games:  Follow the Rainbow

Purchase yarn in a variety of colors. Tie the ends to a tree and carry the yarn bundles throughout your yard, wrapping it around trees and other obstacles. Find a hidden spot and secure the ends of yarn to a nearby tree. Hide a treasure chest, a pot of treats, or something special there. Have your kid and his or her birthday guests follow the rainbow of yarn to the end to find a hidden treat. For more details on instructions and set up, visit Thirdstories.com.

rainbow birthday party ideas
Rainbow yard trail game and photo courtesy of Ohhappyday.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Activities, Crafts

In addition to games, it will be good to have several activities and crafts planned for guests to enjoy throughout your rainbow birthday party. Here are a few fun ideas. Find more creative rainbow crafts and activities in this rainbow birthday party ideas Pinterest board.

Rainbow Birthday Party Activities: DIY rainbow photo booth

Create a colorful backdrop using rainbow paper, colorful streamers, or washi tape. Prepare fun props like hats, boas, and wands for birthday guests to hold in front of the backdrop. You can snap their photo yourself and email photos to guests or take photos and add them to Instagram along with a hashtag for your kid’s rainbow birthday party.

DIY rainbow wall decal using washi tape courtesy of Britco.co.

Rainbow Birthday Party Activities: Face Painting

Face painting is a colorful, fun activity that will make young guests happy while embellishing your theme. Hire a face painter for your kid’s birthday party. If you’re good with paint, do it yourself or ask an artistic friend to help.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Favors

The right favors will not only add a ton of fun to your kid’s rainbow birthday party but also add magic and whimsy to its atmosphere. Here are a few rainbow birthday party favor ideas you can use to brighten up your kid’s special day.

DIY unicorn headbands courtesy of Howtogal.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Rainbow Unicorn Headbands

Purchase or teach the kids how to make their own rainbow unicorn headbands. They can wear them throughout the rainbow birthday party and take them home afterward as a keepsake of your kids’ special day. Check out TipTipTutu’s Etsy shop for cute unicorn headbands you can buy or follow this DIY unicorn headbands tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Rainbow DIY Favor Bags

Use paint, markers, or colorful stamps to turn ordinary paper kraft bags into colorful, fun rainbow birthday party favor bags. You can decorate them yourself with colorful rainbow embellishments or let your kid and guests do it during the celebration.

Add a colorful piece of ribbon to the bags and fill them with a colorful array of candy, toys, and art supplies, such as packs of crayons or watercolor paints, before passing them out to guests.

Kid wearing rainbow butterfly wings she colored in herself courtesy of Seedling.com.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Rainbow Wings

Most kids enjoy crafts and love dressing up, so incorporating a DIY rainbow wings craft into your celebration is definitely a good idea. You can purchase these color in butterfly wing kits online for a reasonable price. All kids have to do is color them in and they are ready to wear.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: Color In Thank You Cards

After personalizing your own rainbow birthday party invitations, design coordinating birthday thank you cards that go along with your theme on PurpleTrail.com. They offer a variety of lovely birthday thank you card templates that you can make your own with photos, custom wording, and more.

We recently added color in thank you cards for kids, plain white thank you cards with cute wording and outlines that your kid or his or her friends can color in, which would be perfect for an art or rainbow birthday party.

rainbow birthday party ideas
Art Party Color In Thank You Card by PurpleTrail.com.

Hopefully, you found these rainbow birthday party ideas inspiring!


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