Quinceañera Party Ideas and Inspiration

A Quinceañera is a momentous milestone birthday. As the Quince, you deserve the perfect celebration. We have found some helpful hints and design inspiration to help you plan your best Quinceañera party. Though mostly about the Quinceañera herself, there is also honor to be bestowed on beloved family and friends who have influenced the Quince as well as a religious ceremony prior to the party. With plenty of details to manage, there several things you can do when planning your Quinceañera party to make it less stressful and more fun.

Quinceañera Party Ideas and Inspiration

The first place to start when planning a Quinceañera party, is to establish a budget. Make a list of things you really would like to have and things you need to have along with their estimated cost. Compare this list to your actual budget. You may find you have to adjust your expectations a little bit. It’s important to set a realistic budget to avoid the stress of going over budget after it’s too late. Discuss with your family what they can reasonably afford. This is a momentous occasion but it shouldn’t be about how fancy the celebration can be. It’s ultimately about a beautiful tradition marking a significant transition into womanhood while surrounded by the ones you love.

Quinceanera Party Invitations and Inspiration
Quinceanera Party Invitations and Inspiration

The second part of your Quinceañera party planning should be to establish your theme and/or color palette. Choosing a theme and color palette early on will help you plan the decor and food. It can also help you with your dress choices and invitation style. When choosing colors, try to think about the flowers that are in season that will go with your palette. Using flowers that are in season will be less expensive than out of season varieties.

As your party plans begin to form, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Consider hiring a party planner if it’s in your budget. If that isn’t possible, enlist a trusted friend or family member to help plan. Having someone help you keep track of the details and someone to springboard ideas off of will help you stay organized and on track. You can easily split up the work of contacting various vendors. If you are doing most things yourself, especially the food and beverages, recruit the best cooks you know to put together a fabulous spread to enjoy.

Your Quinceañera party invitations are a preview for guests and give them a peak at what to expect. PurpleTrail makes it easy to create gorgeous, custom Quinceañera invitations in our design center. Our collection has a variety of styles fit for a special Quince.  You can easily create  an English version and as well as one in another language. All you have to do is copy the design and put in your translation. It makes it easy to send all the same beautiful invitations to family that are non-English speaking. PurpleTrail offers a variety of styles including booklets and tri-folds as well as plenty of  bright colors, stylish backgrounds and embellishments. With booklet style invitations you can list all your court as well as express any messages you wish to convey to recipients in the eight pages you have to personalize.

When choosing a venue for your Quinceañera, make sure you ask for references from past clientele.  If a venue is hesitant to give you this information, you consider looking elsewhere.  Things to think about are: what is the venue capacity, what is included in the rental agreement,  how long do you have the venue for, will there be ample seating (elderly guests should not be expected to stand for long a duration). Are there tables and linens or will you need to rent them. No question is too silly or small. You’ll want to know all the details before signing a contract. Get all details agreed on  in writing and keep a detailed log of communication. If you plan to host your Quinceañera at someone’s home, make sure you have adequate seating for guests and shelter from the sun,  especially for older attendees and babies. If you are having a lot of young children at your party, consider hiring a babysitter and having a space designated for them filled with activities. Coloring books, Legos, bubbles (if outdoors), and a few age appropriate games or toys will be great to have on hand to keep them entertained and engaged.

As you plan the food for your party make sure to  consider guests who may have food allergies and specific preferences like vegetarians, vegans, etc. You can scale the amount and service style of food according to the time of day you are hosting the event. If it is in between meals, lighter dishes would be be appropriate. Whereas if it is at a mealtime, you’ll want to serve main dishes alongside sides and appetizer dishes. Be sure to include family favorite dishes that represent your family’s culture. Grandma’s signature dish will delight family members in attendance. Celebrate with all your favorites! Be sure to create a few kid friendly food choices too. Have plenty of water to serve especially if the event is outdoors and the weather will be warm.

The Quince dress is an exciting purchase. Dresses are typically grand like a ballroom gown. Some have full skirts while others are flowing or even form fitting. Dresses are traditionally white or light pink to represent innocence but modern dresses are characteristically bright and full of bold color.  Since modern day dresses differ from those created in a more traditional and demure style, ultimately the dress should reflect the values of the family and the formality of the religious ceremony. Strapless gowns may not be appropriate, or if you do choose one, a wrap should be worn at the Mass of Thanksgiving.  A beautiful, full gown will look amazing on the dance floor but it’s important to try on different styles and choose one that complements your body shape, party formality, theme, and family values. A conservative dress by no means needs to be unfashionable or unflattering. There are hundreds of stylish options.

Blue Quinceanera Party Dress

Purple and Green Quinceanera Party Dress

Last but not least, make sure to take lots of photos of this exciting celebration. If possible, hire a photographer or enlist the help of a loved one who is an avid photographer. You’ll be glad you spent the extra time and/or money to be able to create a scrapbook commemorating this moment in time. You can also use a favorite photo from the party to create custom thank you cards. The Quinceañera should send out personalized thanks to everyone who attended and supported her during this special birthday. There is also a great app you can use called Quince Pix (www.quincepix.com) that offers a great way to share photos with family and friends.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration and that  your Quinceañera party planning is stress-free!



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