Personalized Stationery Sets Are Here

PurpleTrail has been hard at work finding new things to print just for you. Today, we’re pleased to bring to you our new personalized Stationery Sets. Sure, these have been done for a long time, but we didn’t feel others had it quite right. We wanted to do better, and darn it, we had the tools already – so why not?


Introducing our new Stationery Sets from PurpleTrail. It’s a combination of some of the things we do best here at PurpleTrail, cards and notepads. In fact, each personalized stationery set comes with 10 customized folded cards and 10 customized notecards, each being 6×4, with envelopes for both sets. There’s also a 5×7 notepad, customizable with yours or their name, profession, or whatever you see fit. This trio of items makes for a really nice way to write a thank you note to your friends and family, talking points for a meeting, jotting down a grocery list, intra-office notes, a to-do list, and really anything else. I truly could go on for about a day for uses for each of these, but you’ll find your own use, you don’t need me telling you how to use paper.

personalized-stationery-setsOur new personalized stationery sets use our new quick edit feature for our design center, meaning the design tool locks all of the card/notepad except the name, which you can change to your name or their name, or whatever you think makes a good fit. It’s a handy feature that doesn’t allow you to get caught up in all the design options we normally give for our other items. Quick edit has its merits though, in that it’s just plain easy!

personalized-stationery-setsWe have our first collection of matching personalized stationery sets and more will be coming soon. A few of these designs ideas were sparked by our current card designs, but new ideas come from inspiration here with our designers, and sometimes even customer requests. So if there’s a set you’d like to have, but you don’t see here, let us know, and we’ll see if we can put together something for you. We’re custom stationery after all, we wouldn’t want to cut your options here.

personalized-stationery-setsAlongside the cards come envelopes in the color of your choice. The envelope size is automatically matched on our end when we pack up your order. We also have predetermined envelope colors that we think compliment the set nicely, but we’re not always right. So choose what envelope color fits your intended use best, and we’ll send those right along with, no issue at all. We love giving options, this was an easy one to give.


Personalized Stationery Sets for Gifts

Speaking of giving, our Stationery Sets make fantastic gifts, and I would foresee that being the number one reason to order these. I’d give you an entire list of examples for appropriate people to give this gift to, but I think the list is shorter of people who couldn’t make use of these. I think young professionals, teachers, authors, families, and bloggers being a number one use for these, but I’m sure you can think of 100’s more. We can directly mail these to the recipient as well and even have a gift wrap option.personalized-stationery-sets

Personalized Stationery Sets: Gift Wrap

Oh, the wrap gave me another point. When these arrive, they’ll come in a small burlap sack. This is for effect, for safekeeping, and just giving you one little bit more in value. We decided long and hard about how to present our stationery sets to you, whether they come shrink wrapped altogether, or if we could present them in any cuter way. After much talk, we decided our small burlap bags were a great fit, and we think you will as well. They’ll still come wrapped as carefully as possible, the burlap being an extra layer of security within the box, and shipped via the fastest avenue possible for your choice in checkout. PurpleTrail takes pride in our very quick print and processing times (and high-quality stationery). These orders don’t take any longer than any other normal order here, so expect them to be shipped within 3 business days, and next business day if rush is required.

Our Custom Stationery Sets are now live on our site. You’ll find them in the social stationery section, something we’ve also just started. All of these items make great presents for a lot of occasions, and paper always has a use. Check out all of the items in our social stationery set, and you may find one or more things that will make a great gift. PurpleTrail hopes you’ll drop by and visit, and have a look at all the new stuff we have to offer.

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