Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas For Kids: Invitations, Activities, Decorations

If you’re planning a Halloween bash for youngsters this year, keep it fun and festive with these not-so-scary Halloween party ideas for kids. Covering everything from Halloween party game ideas to kids Halloween party invitations, decorations, and crafts for boys and girls of all ages, you’ll find everything you need for a fun-filled, scare-free Halloween celebration.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
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Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Find Halloween party invitations for kids that match your party theme, party palette, and child’s interests. You can make your own Halloween party invitations for kids on using any of our many fully-customizable Halloween party invitation templates and our free online design tool.

Pick a template that suits your celebration and make it perfect by customizing wording, colors, fonts, and more. Any of the not-scary Halloween party invitations for kids featured throughout this post can be personalized along with hundred of others on our website. Click on the link above, in the first paragraph, to peruse our grand collection.

Trick or Treat Halloween Monsters Halloween Invite

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Game Ideas

Halloween Party Games For Kids: Pumpkin Checkers

Put a Halloween twist on Checkers by replacing the white and red pieces with miniature white and orange pumpkins. You can even make your own board by following this simple DIY Pumpkin Checkers Tutorial on

Halloween Party Games For Kids: Pumpkin Ring Toss

Set up a pumpkin ring toss game with medium-sized, long-stemmed pumpkins and glow rings. Have guests stand several feet away from the pumpkins and take turns trying to toss their rings on the pumpkins or around the pumpkin stems.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
A photo of pumpkin checkers courtesy of Tyle_R via Flickr.

Halloween Party Games For Kids: Candy Corn Guessing Game

Fill up a large glass jar with candy corn. Ask guests to write down how many candy corn pieces are inside. Reward the closest guesser a prize or the jar of candy corn.

Candy Corn Halloween Trick or Treat Halloween party invitation

Halloween Party Games For Kids: Bobbing For Apples

Fill up a large bucket with water and add apples. Let guests take turns bobbing for one and remind players not to use their hands. If you’re worried about spreading germs or guests getting wet, try this donuts on a sting kids Halloween party game instead.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Activity Ideas

Halloween Party Activities For Kids: Face Painting

Hire a professional face painter or have a friend do the honor at your kids Halloween party. If you or a friend will be doing the painting, do a bit of research online for painting tips and design ideas. There are a bunch of cute ideas on

Halloween Party Activities For Kids: DIY Halloween Pinata

Make your own cute, not-scary DIY Halloween pinata by following this simple Ghost Family DIY Halloween Pinata Tutorial on The pinata will not only serve as a Halloween party activity for your guests but also add festive flavor to your party space.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
Pumpkin patch.

Halloween Party Activities For Kids: Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Take your kids and his or her party guests out to visit a pumpkin patch or hold your kid’s Halloween party at one. Kids can pick out pumpkins and enjoy any onsite attractions the pumpkin patch may have to offer, such as hayrides, corn mazes, warm cider, and ground tours.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

DIY Halloween Party Decorations: Mummy Jars

Make fun mummy jars in minutes with mason jars, a hot glue gun, medical gauze, and googly eyes. Start by wrapping the mason jars with white medical gauze. Then secure the edges with the hot glue gun. After attaching the googly eyes, add tea lights and they are ready for your table, mantel, or counter top.

DIY Halloween Party Decorations: Glitter Pumpkins

These are so easy to make, you can have your kids help.  All you’ll need to make them are pumpkins, glitter, and spray adhesive. Before getting started, cover your work space with newspaper. Then spray the top of your pumpkin with adhesive, sprinkle glitter on top, and let it dry. You can also find a different method involving Mod Podge instead of spray adhesive by clicking on the photo below.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
DIY dip glitter pumpkins tutorial courtesy of

DIY Halloween Party Decorations: DIY Halloween Garland

There are so many DIY Halloween garland tutorials online it’s hard to say which ones we like most, but these Real DIY Candy Corn GarlandDIY Halloween Fabric Garland, and DIY Cute Ghost Garland tutorials are all worth checking out. All three are fairly easy to put together are bound to inspire smiles among guests.

Costume Trick or Treat Halloween birthday invitation

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Craft Ideas

Pumpkin Carving

Purchase pumpkins and pumpkin carving tools for guests. Let each guests carve their own pumpkin. Print out pumpkin carving design templates for kids to pin onto their pumpkins. If your guests are very young, pre-gut the pumpkins and trace a design for them to follow or paint pumpkins instead or carving them.

DIY Masks

There are a variety of fun, creative, and scare-free mask making tutorials on the internet. Do a quick Google search to find one that’s just right for your celebration. We really love this fall woodland creature mask tutorial on The masks look super cute and kids will love showing them off throughout your celebration. Set up a mask making station at your Halloween party for kids.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
Mini jack-o’-lantern.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

Hopefully you found these not-scary Halloween party ideas for kids inspiring! Good luck planning for your kids Halloween party! For more Halloween party ideas for kids, visit

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