New Personalized Journals

Our new personalized journals are the perfect pages to fill with your passions and plans.  Experts say writing in journals improves mental clarity, helps solve problems and improves overall focus.  So why not create a custom journal to start writing about whatever motivates and inspires you?  Here are some tips for selecting the perfect journal and how to get started writing.

Modern Love custom journal by PurpleTrail.

Custom Journal Options:  Two Size Choices

Our newest custom journals feature your choice of sizes: 6×8 and 8.5 x11.  The smaller size is perfect for taking with you and slipping into a bag or suitcase.  The larger size accommodates larger handwriting and gives you extra room to write, doodle or draw.  PurpleTrail gives you two sizes so you can pick the one that works best for you!


Personalized Journals: Two Cover Choices

We want to give you options for the covers that contain your words and let you choose from a softcover and hardcover options.  Our hardcover journal features silver coil wire or perfect binding, durable laminate-coated hard cover in a matte finish, square corners and lay flat pages.  Our softcover journal features silver coil wire binding, thick laminate cover, rounded corners, lay flat pages and a glossy finish.


Custom Journal Options:  Two Binding Choices

PurpleTrail also gives you two binding options for personalized journals: perfect binding and spiral binding.  With the perfect binding options a hard cover and the pages are glued together at the spine with a strong, yet flexible thermal glue.  Perfect binding is often used for softcover books at the bookstore, manuals and thicker product brochures and have a very professional appearance.  The spine of the perfect bound journal can also be customized.  Our spiral bound journal option features a sturdy, aluminum coil in silver.  Many customers prefer a spiral binding as the journal is able to lay flat on most surfaces.


Personalized Journals: Inside Page Choices

Customers can choose from five options for the inside pages of their unique, custom journal:

  1. White blank pages: 100 pages (50 sheets) of blank 80 lb. paper
  2. White lined pages: 100 pages (50 sheets) of 80 lb. paper
  3. White dotted grid pages:  100 pages (50 sheets) of 80 lb. paper
  4. White personalized pages: 100 pages (50 sheets) of a repeated image of your own design on 80 lb. paper.  Page images are available in black and white (grayscale) only.  Our small business customers love this choice!
  5. Travel journal: 100 pages (50 sheets) of 80 lb. paper with prompts on one side to jot down travel memories including:  place of travel, date, method of travel, the weather/temperature, accommodations, travel partners, people met, places visited, things most enjoyed, memorable events and things to remember for next time.  The opposite page features a lined notes section.
  6. Recipe journal: 100 pages (50 sheets) of 80 lb. paper with prompts on one side to document recipes and results including recipe name, preparation time, total time, serving size and ingredients.  The opposite page features lined directions section.


Custom Journal Option: Stickers

Another option to include in your journal is stickers in bright, cheery colors.  Each comes with stickers including flags, circles, as well as bill, don’t forget, to-do-lists, birthday, doctor, dentist reminders and more.

Modern Stripes Monogram custom journal by PurpleTrail.

Tips to Start Journaling

If you’re buying a customized journal and are new to journaling, here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. The right place at the right time.  Find a time that works for your schedule to write and try to stick to it routinely.  The same holds true for where you write.  A comfy chair, in bed before you get up in the morning, the table with a cup of coffee.  Wherever you can let the rest of the world go for a bit and focus on writing.
  2. Stream of consciousness. Many experts agree that sometimes it’s easier to start (or get over a writer’s block) by simply writing whatever comes to your mind.  Don’t worry about what it is or if it’s silly – just keep writing.  Soon you’ll find out and settle in to writing what’s important to you.
  3. Doodle and draw. If you can’t think of what to right, don’t write at all.  Sketches and doodles are a great way to get pen to paper and start the creative process.
  4. Start a collection.  Paste, tape or glue in items to your journal such as ticket stubs, receipts or photos. You’re not looking to create a scrapbook, just inspiration to start writing about your experiences.  Soon the words will come freely.
  5. Be prompted. Many websites feature prompts to help get the creative juices flowing.  Check twitter for #writingprompt hashtag and you’ll find many tweets to get ideas to get started.  Also, provides hundreds of writing prompts.  Simply hover over a number and find an intriguing topic or question you can write about.

Let us know what you’re looking for in a journal and what helps you start writing!

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