New Custom Fitness Planner is Here

After requests from our customers, our new Fitness planner has arrived. Use our new Fitness Planner to reach your goals and focus on movement, nutrition and mindfulness. Whether you’re starting a new fitness program or just trying to get back on track with the one you have, our custom Fitness Planner is the health organizer you need. The monthly and weekly spreads help jumpstart your wellness progress and track goals. You’ll be inspired to keep going and maintain healthy habits.

Your Fitness Deserves a Planner

Create a cute, custom Fitness Planner that focuses on what’s most important – your health. You’ll feel in control and on a path to success. Each section and page has been carefully researched to provide the best organizational tool to make your fitness goals a reality. Included in each Fitness Planner:

  • Monthly Calendar for Meal Planning and Training Scheduling
  • Monthly Wellness Goals, Weight Tracking and Measurements
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Daily Fitness Logs
  • Tracking for Steps, Sleep, Hydration and More
  • Notes for reflections


Be the Best Version of You with a Custom Fitness Planner

Our Fitness Planners allow you to choose your own start month so there’s no need to wait to begin your workouts or wasting months or paper. The inside pages are designed to offer efficient tracking and goal setting. They have been researched to provide the best possible tracking to keep you motivated and moving.

As with any PurpleTrail planner, you can choose the size that works best for you. It is available in both 8.5×11 and 6×8 formats. The larger format is great to keep on your desk and hold papers and inspiration. The small size works great on the go and fits in most gym bags and totes.


Customization is what makes PurpleTrail special and it’s no exception with our Fitness Planner. You can pick from your choice of 3 cover options: soft laminate, soft synthetic with frost sheet and durable hard book cover. You can pick from one of more than one hundred stylish covers or your cover can be personalized in the PurpleTrail design center and include any images you would like. We want it to be something you’re proud to use and keeps you coming back for updates and tracking!

We also pay attention to details such as professional quality paper and printing. Our premium paper is smooth

, easy to write on and resists bleed through with most pens. We also know when you decide to begin a new fitness plan, you want to start right away. All of our orders ship within 3 business days with options available in as little as one business day.

Your Personal Accountability Partner

Our Fitness Planner is a dedicated space for becoming a better you. Whether you’re training for a challenge, starting a weight loss program or seeking general wellness, our planner will keep you on track.

Additional Planners by PurpleTrail

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Share Your Excitement

Let’s face it – receiving your shiny, new planner in the mail is exhilarating.  Share your unboxing on Facebook (@purpletrail) or Instagram (@purpletrailapp) using hashtag #purpletrailplanner.  We love to see your custom creations!

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