Meet Our Fantastic PurpleTrail Intern – Yazmine

We are lucky enough to have a PurpleTrail intern this season! Yazmine is a student interested in graphic design and through her school, was able to set up an internship with our design team. We all were immediately taken with Yazmine. She’s smart, creative, confident, and easy going. We are impressed by the work she’s been doing and thought it was time to show her off. Please meet our intern, Yazmine.
Born and raised here in Washington, I spent most of my childhood between Federal Way and Tacoma; the rest of it was spent horseback riding, and in a program designed for the top 1% of America’s children (in 4-5th grade) intellectually. I moved to where I am living now — Bellevue — prior to starting Middle School, and have been living here ever since. I currently am attending Bellevue Big Picture High School in my freshman year and this school is actually the reason I am able to intern here at PurpleTrail. I personally chose to intern here mainly because I’m naturally inclined towards computers and creative fields of work.  While graphic design was definitely something that I knew about, I had never gone so far as trying it out for myself.
Design Styles that I Love:
I am really into modern-like designs. You could most definitely say that I have an affinity for the clean-cut, fresh way that modern designs work.  I believe that even simplicity can be formal, or elegant at times, if the designer is skilled enough. I also really enjoy whimsical, cartoon-filled designs. Honestly, the youthful, easygoing designs are most refreshing.
What Inspires Me:
Definitely the versatility and diversity of the world. I’m inspired through fashion, food, art, language, the environment, the trees, the color of the sky, the sound of the rain, and the smell of the air. There’s so many different things that I believe our planet offers to ourselves as artists, to use as our own inspiration or focus — I find it easy to lose myself in it. I also find other artists inspiring; for example, what they accomplished, or what their past history was like. More or less, their life.
Interests Outside of Graphic Design:
Rather than graphic design, I have quite a few hobbies and pastimes. Many would agree that I am almost never seen without my headphones on and this is simply because I have a huge passion for music. Learning how each aspect creates the final product is seriously intriguing; the singer’s single voice isn’t the only contender in part of creating the finished product and how there are different layers of sound that are added on top of one another. I really started to think about these sorts of things once I made it into the 2011 WMEA (Washington Music Educators Association) when I was in 8th grade because it opened up questions and thoughts I had never pondered. However, I definitely have other interests outside of music — these include, reading, writing, video/computer gaming, painting, drawing, and exploring. One could seriously say that I like to “escape.”
Random Facts About Myself:
1. My birthday lands on a Filipino/Spanish holiday that is translated to “Day of the Dead” or “All Souls Day.”
2. I plan to visit London and move to Japan later in my life.
3. I usually come across as edgy, but I love pastels, lace and frills.
Here are a few designs that Yazmine has designed for PurpleTrail’s Graduation category.
[portfolio_slideshow id=1690]
1. Traditional Graduation Announcement
A design that I believe has accomplished perfect balance. I really enjoy this layout because it is very appealing to the eyes and the text doesn’t allow much of a strain on the reader’s eyes. The simple black-and-white flow of the coloring also keeps an elegant, sophisticated look without having to go too far. The placement of words lets the eyes travel naturally through the custom graduation announcement.
2. Graduate Circle Announcement
One of my tries at adding a brilliant splash of color that I found to be a complete success. The grey and white colors let the watermelon red really stand out on the card and the back uses a fun striped pattern to give a bit more of life into the design. Regardless, the name on the back is still clear and easy to read and the overall look of the card is very clean, yet, refreshing both at the same time.
3. Graduation Floral Beauty
Another try at a bright color in my cards. I really love this bright orange that I decided to use and there’s just a perfect amount of it, while letting the picture also take some of the attention as well — something I try to do in my designs. The script-like font and leafy embellishments for this graduation announcement give this design just the laid-back feeling that every whimsical should have.
4. Colorful Graduation Announcement
For this card I really tried to match the actual colors listed in the defaulted graduation text.  I tried to have some fun with the lines and add for variation in size and color to give some excitement.  I allowed the page to pop without too much of a yellow background. I really do love making the year on the card the largest piece of text, with a word underneath it, and a simple line. I believe it brings it all together just by doing so.
Thanks Yazmine! We look forward to seeing more great things from you!
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