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At PurpleTrail we are proud of our design team and love the diversity each of them brings to our collections. We think they are pretty great thought that we should spotlight each of them so you can get to know them a little better. This week we interviewed Leila, a Houston native who is loving all the inspiration she finds in Seattle.

Background: Originally from Houston, Leila is a transplant to Seattle with a BS in Interior Design. Leila has worked in a variety of career fields but she always was looking for a creative outlet. She has consistently been drawn to the creative world. She worked at the Seattle Design Center but was laid off. After they lay off, she then pursued graphic design and has been happily indulging her passion for design ever since. Leila says that her worst day in design better her than best day in any other type of job she’s had. She really enjoys challenge of design. She loves trying to come up with something that hasn’t been done before and putting her stamp on it. The thing she enjoys about working at PurpleTrail is the collaboration factor and camaraderie. Coming to work and bouncing ideas off with the design team helps keep things fresh and fun.

Design Style: Overall, Leila is drawn to modern design. She likes clean lines and simple typography. She says, “You don’t need a lot of fluff- to do simple well is not easy. To allow the design its space and learning to pull yourself back marks the difference between a designer and someone who just like designs. Letting a design breathe takes a certain amount of control.”.

What inspires you? From an interior design perspective, the Bauhaus movement really inspired Leila. She finds inspiration in organic style and likes to add a little warmth to modern design and move away from its tendency toward being hard and stark.

Interests outside of Graphic and Interior Design: Leila describes herself as an adventurous spirit. She loves to travel and learning about different cultures. She enjoys being in nature and can be found hiking and camping with her husband in her downtime. She loves living in Seattle because there are so many beautiful places to just get out and enjoy the scenery.

3Random facts: Leila was born with different name but her mother changed it five minutes after she was born. She lived in Alaska for 2 years and she is a self-proclaimed horrible dancer with no rhythm.

We asked Lelia to put together a few of her favorite designs that she has created using the PurpleTrail Design Center and to share what she loves about them.



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