Meet Our Featured Designer – Erin

Out design team is made up of some amazing graphic designers. This week we are showing off featured designer – Erin. She shares a little insight into her experience, her design style, and some of her favorite designs she has created for PurpleTrail.


Ive lived in the greater northwest all my life, just north of Seattle in the city of Bothell. I went to the University of Iowa my freshmen year playing collegiate soccer, then transferred to Central Washington University where I received a BFA in Graphic Design and a Business Administration minor in 2010. My interests throughout college design courses were, advertising design, branding, and designing stationary. I have been enjoying this exciting opportunity to work at PurpleTrail, and gaining the experience and knowledge to grow as a designer.

Design Style you love:

The styles I am most drawn to are simplistic and clean. Having space throughout a design, and letting the type not only be the information but the design itself creating a great look and feel. I also enjoy the use of patterns and textures incorporated into designs whether its a whimsical or modern style.

What inspires you?

Living in Washington, inspiration is all around, from Seattle’s diverse culture, and having nature at your backdoor, you have no choice but to take it all in. Also, according to the other designers at PurpleTrail, I have a Pottery Barn-esque style, so Pottery Barn must be an inspiration to me.

Interests outside of graphic design:

When I am not designing, you can usually find me walking around Greenlake, going to the gym, or finding new places to explore. Other hobbies I enjoy are: scrapbooking, photography, camping and reading a book once in awhile.

3 Random facts about you:

1. I want to visit Italy and Australia and New Zealand someday.

2. I’m addicted to reality television.

3. I love to bake, and starting to make cakes with fondant. Watch out Cake Boss!

Some of Erin’s favorite designs:

[portfolio_slideshow id=1222]

1. Vintage Rose Photo Girl Baby Announcement

I love this design because the line quality in the flowers give it a vintage look and feel, and then having the adorable picture just puts the finishing touch on the overall design. I added the white bar through the center to add the information and the text is done in clean and simple fonts. Using plain colors to go with the simplistic quality of the overall design.

2. Sophisticated Pink and Brown

Similar in style to the vintage rose, but the softness of the pink and brown bring this announcement to life. I love using varying fonts, and I think using Chopin script for the name, added a unique break in the information. I wanted to use a simple font for all the other copy so it matched the delicate feel of this announcement. The white flourish then gives it a nice addition of color that really makes the invitation pop.

3. Special Delivery Baby Boy

I am known for my ability to make something out of nothing. I wanted this stork to be all white, because I had a vision of what I wanted this invitation to look like. I created the bag the stork is carrying so it matched. I used textures, varying fonts, and color to break up the information and this will always be one of my favorites that I have designed.

4. Soft Pink Bubbles Bridal Shower

This is a popular bridal shower invitation at PurpleTrail.  I used the background of bubbles, because it has a fun and girly quality that a lot of women obviously love. I used colors from the background to choose the two boxes that go across the center. I wanted to use white as the font color because I think white has a purity color to it that just looks amazing when its against certain colors. By varying the fonts, the overall look of the invitation is elegant, sophisticated but fun!

5. Top Secret Santa Red

This design was just recently created for our holiday party invitation section, which I am so excited about; it was hard to choose just one favorite. After designing at PurpleTrail for some time, I have started to become even more creative with what you have and the tools at my disposal. I created this “Top Secret” look by using shapes and textures. Once I created my box, and put in the type, I used a crackle texture and a ripped edge texture. The overall look has a postal feel, and a top-secret message inside, great for festive holiday parties.

Thanks Erin!


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