Splishin’ Splashin’ Kids Pool Party Ideas

Blue And White Chevron Pattern Pool Party Invite

School’s out for summer! Throw a kids pool party to celebrate the start of the summer season. Our design team has created some very cool pool party invites and Esther from our design team choose one of her favorites kids’ pool party invitations and created a pool party inspiration board to help you plan a sensational pool party.


All parties start off with fantastic party invitations. These pool party invites give guests a pool side glimpse of the fun in store. The  beach ball and flip flops are pool party essentials. You can easily customize these blue and green pool party invitations in the PurpleTrail design center.

Pool Party Food. For a kids pool party, you want to keep the food fun and finger friendly. Nothing too messy or that requires a lot of work to eat. We love the idea of the licorice ropes being labeled as pool noodles! Cupcakes and cookies with pool party inspired embellishments will be a hit. Adding a shark fin to the top of your cupcakes is a playful touch. Serve lots of water and fruit to keep kids  hydrated! Avoid serving heavy or greasy foods that might create upset tummies!

Pool Party Decor. You don’t need a lot of decor for a pool party since the pool is the main event. You can create great accents to go along with the splashy party theme. Wrapping silverware in napkins and secure with twine and lifesavers  is a cute idea. Have lots of beach balls and swim noodles for kids to play with.

Pool Party Games. What’s a party without games? You can play traditional games like Marco Polo, where one player closes their eyes and wanders around the pool calling, “Marco” and the other players answer, “Polo” and the seeker tries to touch another player. Once touched, that player becomes the sightless seeker.  Another game is to have a jump contest.  Have three judges (could be adults), and the other guests take turns doing their best jump into the pool.  Judges should score on originality and splash factor. A variation of this game is who can make the smallest splash. You can also do relay races if you have some great swimmers in attendance.

Pool Party Favors. Let the kids take away something to remember this fun swimming filled day. Little beach ball drink cups, beach balls or even a swim noodle make great gifts. You could also make a little summer kit for each child. Take a small bucket and fill it with a pair of googles, a beach ball, some sunscreen, and shovel.

Having a kids pool party is a great way to kick off summer.  Get your pool party invitations ready and enjoy the summer season!

Images from: www.karaspartyideas.com, princessandthefrogblog,  catchmyparty.com, karascupcakes.blogspot.com

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