Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Once every year, that special day comes around that you have been waiting for. Need a hint? BIRTHDAYS! Whether you like to admit it or not, your birthday is a fun celebration no matter what your age. For today’s topic, we will be featuring kids birthdays. Whether your party theme is traveling through space, at the go-kart track, princess party or even a movie night, our designers have been busy at PurpleTrail to make fun invitation to suit your little girl or boys big day. We checked in with Erin from our design team to get her thoughts on birthdays and her favorite designs in our kids birthday party invitations collection.

I look back, and think of what my favorite birthday party was, and I have a few favorites, but I will just share one. For my 10th birthday I went to the Roller Rink (which was the cool thing to do back then) where we got to skate for hours and hours with the flashing lights and loud music, and afterwards go into the party room where we had cake and presents. But one thing I remembered as a kid growing up every time my birthday came around I was making sure my invitations matched my party theme.

With a large assortment of invitation themes you can customize your own to fit your party needs and personalize it to your liking to fit your event specifications. Take a look at these great kids party invitations from our collection.

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Creating your own invitations is such a fun and exciting way to put a personalized touch on your big day. It’s a great keepsake to hold onto to reminisce with your kids when they are all grown up. To make sure your child says, “Thanks!” in a special way, you can also design coordinated thank you cards to send out after the festivities. You make them stand out by turning the thank you cards into fridge magnets or photo cards. The design center makes it easy to choose whatever style you like best.

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