Kids Birthday Invitations

Kid’s birthdays are so much fun to plan and celebrate. You can tailor the party theme to whatever your child loves most. Our designers have created kids birthday invitations for all kinds of themes. Erin from our design teams shares some of the highlights from our kids birthday invitations collection. All of our designs are easily customized for your child’s special day.

1. Pink and green make a wish

A whimsical birthday invitation of pinks and greens is a simplistic way to send an invite. Using a striped background texture on one color, gives the overall invitation some depth rather than just having flat color. Adding a photo is a great way to personalize your invitations, just drag a drop your photo over the placeholder one.  Adding a curly-Q across the green panel is a great way to add a little extra fun to your invitation.

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2. Ahoy Matey

These pirate party invitations have a charming look and feel to them. The cute pirate ship layered over a soft blue background, and using navy blue stripes to represent water will make kids feel like they are setting sail on an true pirate adventure! Using two different typefaces to change up the look of the text is a great way to give your information a hierarchy. Its easy to personalize your invitation, and you can also change the age on the pirate ship flag.

3. Textured Brown Elephant

This adorable folded card is all about the cute factor. Using a white elephant as the center of attention, you can easily get this look by adding one of our textures over the subject to give it a textured look. You always want to make sure your texture color is the same as your background color so it blends evenly. Using banners and dots also help bring a cute factor to the design. The inside has a great spot for your little ones photo.  The font is just as important in the overall design as the elephant. Using two different fonts, with the invitations colors is a key to having a look like this.  Staggering them, and making them larger than some of the main text is a great way to break up a lot of information.

4. Blue Mermaid and Dots

This mermaid themed birthday invitation portrays a whimsical underwater adventure. Using matching polka dots as the background, dropping the opacity down gives a fun pattern for the background. Using shapes to create the bottom of the sea is a simple way to give a realistic look, and garnishing it with starfish, crabs and specks of dirt.  When doing whimsical invitations, Wendy medium is a great typeface to use because it has a fun and flowy feel to it.

5. Dancing Boots and Brown

Calling all cowgirls, this western themed party invitation is perfect for a western theme soiree. “Put on your dancing boots” is a fun and festive party theme everyone will enjoy. Using rope as a frame for the invitation is a great tie in to western theme and adding some pink girly cowgirl boots gives these invites some girly pizzazz.  We gave it the finishing touch by adding a wood grain texture as the background for a rustic feel.

6. Guitar Brown and Blue

Guitar lovers will enjoy this invitation.  Using blue and brown guitars to create a pattern and cover it in brown linen creates a lot of visual interest. Using more than one font type helps to break up a lot of information. We also created a guitar pic as a cute way to showcase your child’s age. This whole invitations uses very complementary colors to create a cohesive feel.

7. Space Alien

Stars, Planets and Aliens, oh my! Little kids are always fascinated with supernatural figures, so why not throw a space and alien themed party. Here we have a cute blue party invitation with a polka dot border down the center. Planets and stars and a cute alien in a space ship make these invites out of this world. Personalize this card even more by adding your son or daughters photo. Everything is easily customizable in our design center.

8. Navy and Gray Dinosaur

This dinosaur invitation is cute and adorable for your little one’s big day. By using different silhouetted colored dinosaurs and a textured background behind it gives it a pop of fun. Using a blocky text gives it a kid like feel and will be easily read by all your party go-ers. Also, there is a spot to put your little guys photo. Keeping it in black and white gives it a classic, lasting look.

9. Down on the farm

Down on the farm is a great theme is definitely a fun kids party theme. Using many embellishments such as a tractor, a barn and farm animal sets the farm stage nicely. There is also a section to drag your photo into the invitation in the barn door. Using a texture in the sky represents clouds to finish off the whole scene nicely and overall, has a pop of color.

10.Girls Silhouette

Pink is a favorite color of many little girls. Using a girl silhouette encased in an oval shape with a flowing banner gives an elegant look to these party invites. The floral damask over the pink background keeps the feminine feel throughout the invitations. Using black elements with the pink structures the invitation nicely and gives it some balance. The script font add some elegance and sophistication too.

Happy celebrating!


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