Introducing Watercolor Designs on PurpleTrail

tropical leaves planner

This spring, PurpleTrail’s all-new watercolor designs are breathing new life into all our product lines. Handpainted by our talented design team, fresh watercolor themes can now be found on the covers of our popular planners and journals, as well as in our cards and invitations.

handpainted monthly planner
Cascading Handpainted Floral Monthly Planner from PurpleTrail

Bold brushstroked botanicals, vibrant spring florals, and dip-dyed effects create exciting new themes in our wedding invitations, graduation announcements, party invitations and more! Let’s take a closer look.

Behind the Scenes of Watercolor

PurpleTrail’s designers wanted to create their own unique versions of the soft and delicate watercolor trend they’d been seeing in the design world.

watercolor designs
Designers Melanie Choi, Mallory Choi, and Jennifer Yi working with watercolors

They gathered around a table and brainstormed ideas, drawing inspiration from fresh spring flowers, tropical motifs and Pantone’s gorgeous color of the year, Greenery.

watercolor designs
Spring flowers and lush greenery helped inspire many of PurpleTrail’s new watercolor designs.

Pulling out their sketchpads, our designers began the process by creating original sketches of the natural world, including plants and flowers you might see in tropical, desert, and garden environments. Next, they painted each sketch with watercolors.

watercolor designs
Up close and personal in the design process

Finally, our designers scanned their artwork into a design program that allowed them to tweak their designs to perfection and render them digitally.

watercolor designs
A designer creates different variations of watercolor blooms.

The digital rendition places each unique piece of art directly at the fingertips of our customers who are on the hunt for beautifully original planners, journals, cards and invitations.

Painterly Planners

We know how important your weekly planner is in helping you organize your life. That’s why we we’ve made our planner covers as inspiring as possible so you can look forward to the task! You’ll find warm tropical patterns among our new watercolor designs, including whimsical pink flamingos and lush tropical leaves.

flamingo planner
Tropical Flamingo Pattern Daily Planner from PurpleTrail

A closer look reveals delicate brushstrokes within each pattern. Exotic green tones mix and mesh together, creating a rich blend that is understated and soft, yet saturated.

tropical leaves planner
Watercolor Tropical Leaves Weekly Planner from PurpleTrail

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Our new designs for wedding invitations feature delicate watercolor florals that are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Our watercolor floral wedding stationery captures a sense of classic romance within each bloom.

peonies wedding invitation
Pink Watercolor Peonies Wedding Invitation from PurpleTrail

Watercolor is also a surprising way to capture bohemian elegance. Botanical wreaths encircle the wording of the wedding invitation, resembling the crowns of greenery often worn by boho brides.

bohemian wedding invitations
Watercolor Botanical Wreath Wedding Invitation from PurpleTrail

Other new designs feature delightful dip-dye effects and ombres that call to mind blue skies, rippling waters, and sunsets. The cascading colors remind us how love richly evolves over time and even has a ripple effect on those around us.

blue ombre wedding invitations
Modern Dip Dyed Watercolor Wedding Invitation from PurpleTrail

Greenery in Graduation Announcements

Who says graduation announcements have to be staid and stuffy? Our new watercolor graduation stationery beckons graduates and their parents to consider a refreshing new take on graduation announcements and invitations. Our favorite spring-inspired addition is watercolor greenery.

In ancient times, renowned scholars would wear greenery in the form of a laurel wreath to signify their academic achievements. Reflecting timeless tradition and modern vitality, greenery is a fitting motif to grace your graduation announcements. 

greenery graduation announcement
Tropical Greenery Watercolor Graduation Photo Announcement from PurpleTrail

Greenery symbolizes growth and new life, both beautiful themes for the graduate who is entering the next stage in their life’s journey.

Brushstroked Birthday Invitations

Last but not least, we’ve incorporated watercolor design into our adult birthday invitations. Our milestone birthday invitations have never been more colorful, with vibrant florals gracing our 50th, 80th, and 90th birthday invites.

60th birthday party invitations
Royal Blue Formal Birthday Party Invitation from PurpleTrail

Make Our Watercolor Designs Your Own

In true PurpleTrail tradition, you can fully customize any of our new watercolor designs to your liking using our sophisticated design center. Add your own background color, photos, and text to any of the watercolor designs you see on our planners, journals, cards, and invitations.

If you’d like to see a watercolor design in a different color, simply reach out to our design team for help getting the exact look you want.

For cards and invitations, you can finish your unique watercolor creation with your choice of paper. After all, pearlescent paper can really make your cards pop! For planners and journals, you can take your pick of covers, sizes, bindings, inside page options, and add-on pages.
Our hope is that our new watercolor designs not only bring a smile to your face but also add an elegant touch to both your everyday routine and your special life events.

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