How To Make Unique Thank You Cards for your One-Of-A-Kind Event

Sure, you can pick up a box of generic thank you cards from any retail shop or grocery store. But if you’re looking for a unique memento to send to your guests after attending your successful event, why not create your own customized thank you cards if you can still get them at a really good price? It’s just that little extra something that shows your guests how thankful you are for attending your event or sending their love and support your way!


Beautiful In Every Way

Thank You cards come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a classic folded thank you card, or maybe an elegant thank you card with a specialty trim, check out PurpleTrail’s selection for your one-stop shop.


These are perfect to send out to guests who attended your grad’s graduation party. They are equally perfect for your beloved wedding guests, some of which may travel all across the country to be there to celebrate your big day! Thank you cards are the classic response to any kind of event, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and monotonous.

Personalize To Your Liking – We Mean It!

Some websites allow you to customize a couple lines of text, but everything else must remain the same. But with PurpleTrail, the possibilities really are endless. Add custom photos and text, and browse our extensive artwork gallery to add cute and contemporary artwork like floral patterns, dangling lights, grad caps, wedding rings, and more.

When it comes to creating a thank you card, there aren’t really any rules. We’ve seen a lot done with our thank you cards. The biggest debate tends to be whether or not you should type a pre-written message inside your thank you card, or leave the inside blank.

The Pros of Leaving Inside Blank

Leaving the inside blank tends to be the best idea for big or meaningful events, like weddings or graduation parties. It’s also the best route if your guests came to your event with presents so you can write them a thank you message that’s specific to their gift. Handwriting personal messages on the inside of your thank you cards is a really special and heartfelt gesture, and your guests will recognize that. This is important especially if your guests have given you a lot of love and support over the years, or maybe donated a lot of their time, money, or effort to you or your event.

Plus, if your son or daughter recently had a graduation party, encouraging them to hand-write their thank you cards is not only a really good habit to instill, but it will make a lasting impact on their guests. It makes a thank you card a little bit more than just a generic card you bought at a drug store, with a couple of pre-written lines of text that could apply to anything.

The Pros of Printing a Message

PurpleTrail does give the option to type in a message on the inside of your thank you cards, so the same message will be printed on every card. This is definitely a time-saving option, and really great for casual or informal events, or even corporate or business events where you’re reaching out to a large customer base.

Let’s say you’ve thrown your son or daughter a third birthday party and want to thank your guests for coming. Your child obviously won’t be able to handwrite their thank-yous just yet, so you can get really creative and pre-type a fun message on behalf of your son or daughter. PurpleTrail’s online design editing tools make it easy to add your own custom text.


Typing in a message to be pre-printed on all your thank you cards is also a beneficial option to businesses who have thrown a large corporate event, or for those who are thanking their customers for years of loyalty and support. If you have hundreds of thank you cards to send, it might be pretty difficult handwriting each one. Business Thank You cards are quite popular to reach out to a large customer base.


There are endless opportunities when it comes to typing out your text. Whether you’re looking to save time and mail your thank you cards right away, or you need to reach out to a lot of people all at once, PurpleTrail’s easy-to-learn online design editing tools make it simple.


Thank You cards don’t have to be boring. Don’t sign up for the tiresome task of writing a blanket statement inside countless generic cards bought at a drug store. Thank yous should be a celebration in of itself! Create a thank you card to match your invitation design, or create a unique thank you card completely from scratch with your own photos and text. PurpleTrail makes it easy to create a lasting memento for all of the guests who made your event chock-full of memories and fun.

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