Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Eerie Eats, DIY Decor, Spellbinding Invitations

Planning a Halloween party? Leave guests spellbound with these cheap, quick, and easy Halloween party ideas, covering creative adult Halloween party themes, DIY Halloween party decorations, easy-to-make Halloween party food ideas, and custom Halloween party invitations.

Chalkboard Vintage Frame Halloween invitation.

Popular Halloween Party Themes

Choosing a Halloween party theme will streamline party planning and add character and fun to your celebration.

Your theme can as specific as your favorite horror movie, like Dawn of the Dead Halloween party, or as general as a color palette or type of party, like Halloween cocktail party, Halloween dinner party, or Halloween costume party.

With so many to choose from, finding the perfect Halloween party theme can be tough, so we’ve compiled a list of popular adult Halloween party themes for adults, paired with matching Halloween party invitations, for you to use as inspiration.

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas
Blue Grunge Zombie Halloween Party Invitations by

Bite Night Vampire Dinner Party Ideas

A spooky chic vampire dinner party is a fine way to celebrate with friends and family. Pull off this popular adult party theme using the cheap, easy Halloween party ideas below.

Spooky Chic Vampire Halloween Dinner Party Invitations

Our Vampire Chalkboard Halloween Party Invitations are ideal for a spooky chic Halloween dinner party. The simple palette and elegant fonts convey an air of regal class while the fun vampire accent adds a touch of dark Halloween flavor.

Fully customize these vampire party invitations to match your Halloween dinner party by changing wording, colors, and more using our free online design tool.

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas
Vampire Chalkboard Halloween Party Invitations by

Bite Night Vampire Halloween Dinner Party Ideas: Table Setting

Decorate your dinner table with a dark tablecloth, made of rich fabric, like lace, satin, or velvet. Add dozens of candles, a spooky skull centerpiece, and dark plates and cutlery. Use plastic vampire teeth as napkin holders, like this, and place them on top of your plates. Complete the scary setup by wrapping chairs in cheesecloth.

Bite Night Vampire Halloween Dinner Party Ideas: Easy To Make Halloween Party Food Ideas

Serve salad with a raspberry dressing, dishes of red fruit, like strawberries, grapes, and watermelon, and red candied apples, along with the creative and easy to make Halloween party food ideas below. Find more creative vampire desserts, drinks, and dinner ideas, in this Love at First Bite Cookbook.

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas.
Gingerbread Vampires courtesy of

Bite Night Vampire Halloween Dinner Party Ideas: DIY Halloween Party Decorations

Make your own blood-laced candles by following this tutorial on Make your own chalkboard serving trays by coating traditional serving trays with chalkboard paint. Inscribe the trays with what you’re serving or your favorite horror movie quotes. Serve these bloody red sun of fantastic LA cocktails on the chalkboard trays.

It Will Be Fun Halloween party invitation.

Creative Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas

Whether you’re holding a quiet gathering with friends or celebrating with everyone one you know, a Halloween cocktail party is a great way to entertain guests. Use the Halloween cocktail party ideas below for tips on making yours a smash.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party Invitations

Our Cocktails And Costumes Halloween Birthday Invitation below is the perfect way to begin your spooky soiree. Although they are designed for a Halloween birthday party, they can easily be changed into Halloween cocktail party invitations by changing the wording.

Cocktails And Costumes Halloween Birthday Invitaitons by
Cocktails And Costumes Halloween Birthday Invitations by

The textured background and bright accents will capture attention while the martini details clearly convey your theme. The elegant fonts and clean layout create a more formal, elegant display than the Toxic Potion Adult Halloween Party Invitations below.

The Toxic Potion Halloween Adult Halloween Party Invitations are great for a more casual, upbeat Halloween cocktail party. The bold, bright fonts are zany and fun, as is the wording. Make your own Halloween cocktail party invitations using either template and our online design tool.

Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas: Tables, Cocktail Bar

Tables will be a big part of your Halloween cocktail party, especially if you’re inviting a lot of guests. Guests will need somewhere to set their drinks and you’ll need somewhere to serve them.

Create a special display for your cocktail bar and guests’ drinks by creating your own DIY bone tables, like the one shown below. Although it will take some handy work, this Halloween DIY is still fairly simple and cheap to make. Find the tutorial on

Dark Night Halloween costume party invitation

In addition to tables, you may need drink trays and garnishes. The easy DIY chalkboard serving tray we mentioned above, in the bite night vampire decoration ideas section, will make a great addition to your Halloween cocktail party. Simply pick up a few old trays from Goodwill, apply a coat of chalkboard paint, and let your imagination run wild with what to write or draw.

Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas: Halloween Cocktail Recipes

There are tons of easy-to-make Halloween cocktail recipes online, but here are a few of our favorites. All require basic, affordable ingredients.

Easy Halloween Cocktail Recipes: Spooky Eyeball-Tini

This fun drink has a beautiful purple hue with two honeydew balls, garnished with blueberries to look like eyeballs. The vibrant palette, sweet flavor, and fun eye-catching appearance are bound to capture guests’ attention and add to your spooky theme. Make these easy Halloween party cocktails with or without alcohol. Find the recipe on

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas.
Eyeballtini courtesy of

Easy Halloween Cocktail Recipes: Pina Ghouladas

With a ghostly, white pallor and fruity, sweet flavor, Pina Ghoulada cocktails will lift spirits while adding mystery and delight to your Halloween cocktail table. While the whirling white appearance may be eerie enough on its own, blueberry stuffed lychees and red cherry syrup can be added to up the scare factor. Learn how to make this cheap and easy Halloween cocktail recipe on

Candy Corn Trick or Treat Halloween party invitation.

Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas: Halloween Drink Garnishes

With cocktails as the focal point of your Halloween party, Halloween-inspired drink garnishes will be a must. You can purchase colorful straws or skull-tipped stirrers for your Halloween cocktail party or you can save money by making your own DIY Halloween drink garnishes by following the links and tips below.

Pina Ghouladas courtesy of
Pina Ghouladas courtesy of

Yet another option is to use simple, everyday things as garnishes, like black licorice, gummy worms, or candy corn. Even cotton candy can be used as a cobweb accent or to create a billowing vapor effect.

Haunted House Halloween Party Ideas

A Halloween haunted house party can be tons of fun and very affordable with the DIY Halloween party decorations, devilish drinks, and delectable Halloween food ideas below.

Affordable, Cheap Haunted House Halloween Party Invitations

Your Halloween party will begin with your invitations so ensure yours properly captures the haunting night ahead. Our Nightmare On Our Street Halloween Party Invitations will do the trick.

Simply change the wording to suit your haunting theme and they’re ready to go. Order matching envelopes and envelope liners to carry your haunted house Halloween party theme into each layer of your stationery.

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas
Haunting Skull Halloween Party Invitations by

Cheap, Easy Halloween Party Decoration Ideas: DIY Halloween Party Decorations

Decorating for your haunted house Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With the DIY Halloween party decorations below, you can create one-of-a-kind Halloween decor in no time without breaking your budget.

DIY Halloween Party Decorations: DIY Gold Skulls

Add a deathly, dazzling touch to tables, mantels, and more with these easy gold glitter DIY skulls. Learn how to make them on

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas
Haunted house party decorating ideas courtesy of

DIY Halloween Party Decorations: DIY Plaster Bones

Highlight your Haunted house Halloween party theme with these incredibly easy and cheap DIY plaster bones.

Pile DIY plaster bones throughout your home to create an eerie atmosphere. Use them to fill nooks and crannies, as well as fireplaces, tables, and corners with hallowing ghostly flavor.

Requiring only newspaper, tea bags, masking tape, and plaster cloth, this DIY Halloween party decoration is probably the easiest and cheapest thing to make in this post. Learn how to make them on

Halloween party food ideas, Halloween party decoration ideas
Spooky Haunted House Halloween Party Invitations by

Easy to Make Halloween Party Food Ideas

Any of the Halloween party food ideas or Halloween cocktail ideas mentioned above can be used to spook-up your haunted house Halloween party, along with the easy to make Halloween party food ideas below.

Hopefully, you found these Halloween party decoration ideas, Halloween party food ideas, and adult Halloween party themes inspiring. Good luck planning your adult Halloween party.

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