Great Graduation Picture Ideas and New Photo Invites and Announcements

Graduation is a milestone accomplishment you’ll want to remember forever, and there’s no better way to do that than with great photos. Use these graduation picture ideas to capture this special time in your life in a way that is uniquely you.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Photo Timeline

If you plan on including your graduation pictures in a photo graduation announcement or invite, consider mixing in a few of your favorite photos from throughout the years.

Purple Graduation Save The Date Card by

Start with a photo of you as a child. Mark the date and continue on to add more photos of you that showcase how far you’ve come today. Adding dates and funny quotes will make your graduation announcement or invite even more interesting.

If you have a lot of great photos you would like to share, consider adding them to one of our 8-paged photo booklet cards.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Props

Props are a great way to add color, fun, and character to your graduation photos. Consider clasping an umbrella, posing next to a pile of your favorite books, throwing your graduation cap in the air, or holding a colorful bundle of balloons.

All of these things will liven up your graduation pictures. You can inscribe the balloons or umbrella with your graduation date and a meaningful note too if you like.

Bubbles are yet another prop choice. Colorful, cheerful, and bright, bubbles will add a sense of playfulness and a pop of color to your graduation pictures.

You can set up a bubble machine or blow bubbles while the photographers snap a few photos. The bubbles will capture light and surrounding colors, leaving your photos with a blend of vibrant hues and sparkling details.

If that’s not for you, considering blowing a bubble with bubble gum. Have the photographer snap a photo. Add the photo to one of our custom graduation announcements or invitations.

Let the bubble you blew act as a zero in “2016” — your graduation date.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Hobbies

Incorporate your favorite hobby into your graduation pictures. Are you an athlete? Take your photos among your favorite athletic gear or out on the field.

An artist? Snap your photos in the art room, next to your favorite tools or work of art.

Whatever it is you enjoy, find a way to include it in your graduation photos.

This will help you remember what you were into during this period in your life — as you look back on your graduation pictures when you’re older.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Signs

There’s no easier way to spruce up your graduation pictures than with DIY signs.

Try inscribing a sign with a message that reflects your achievement.

It can be any kind of sign. A chalkboard, large sheet of paper, piece of wood, or clothe banner will all work nicely.

If you’re an artist or interested in taking this idea a bit further, consider throwing the sign and banners out of the picture and composing a message or image directly onto your body, a wall, sidewalk, or building using chalk, spray paint or anything you like.

You can write your graduation date and college abbreviation on your fingers and throw a peace sign, or sprawl your class year on the pads of your feet, take a seat and snap a one-of-a-kind graduation photo.

For a colorful graduation picture, use chalk to adorn a sidewalk with your great news, graduation date, and the name of your school. Have your photographer take a photo of you on the ground next to it or as you’re writing the message with chalk in hand.

If you love the beach, take your graduation photos there. Scrape your graduation date into the sand and have your photo taken next to it.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Glitter

Glitter can make photos look magical, glamorous, and super flashy. If that’s the kind of thing you’re into, consider incorporating it into your graduation pictures. There are many ways of doing this.

Courtesy of RTW Photography.

You can hold a small pile of glitter in the palm of your hand and blow it at the camera as the photographer takes a picture, you can pose in front of a glittery backdrop, or you can wear sequenced or glitter encrusted clothing and accessories.

Take things even further by adding your sparkly photo to one of our glitter inspired graduation announcements or invitations. The bold and bright photo and card will be sure to draw friends and family in.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Meaningful Setting

Consider snapping your photos in a meaningful setting. A place that is reminiscent of college or high school is good, but a setting that symbolically relays the message that you’re moving on in life is even better. It will add depth and personality to your graduation pictures.

Again, taking your photos on campus is one way of doing things, but if you want your graduation photos to stand out, considering opting for one of these setting ideas instead.

Courtesy of Photography by Wayne Ferrara.

Snap your photos near train tracks or with a passing train in the background. Trains and train tracks are a common metaphor for progress, strength, and life.

Including a bridge in the background of your photos will also evoke thoughts of transition, moving ahead, and a threshold between the past and what’s yet to come — a perfect metaphor for a recent grad with their entire life ahead of them!

Good Luck With Your Graduation Pictures!

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired! Do you have any graduation photo ideas that we didn’t mention hear? Please share them with us via the comment section below!

Best of luck with your graduation pictures. For more great graduation photo ideas check out our Senior Photo Ideas — 8 Fun and Creative Senior Photo Ideas.

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