Football Party Invitations That Score Big

Football Yard Line Birthday Party Invitation

It’s football season and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a football party! Whether it’s a football themed birthday party, tailgate party, an annual touch football game or, a viewing party for the Big Game; PurpleTrail’s design team has created Football Party Invitations that score big. Erin from our design team shares some of her favorites.

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1. Season Ticket Holder Football Invite

Looking for the perfect way to start off the NFL football season? Invite all your friends and family with this football tailgate invitation. The great part of this invite is it reflects the look of an actual ticket. With little details throughout , including  a bar code below to give it a realistic look and feel, you can customize all your tailgate information throughout the invitation. A great way to customize this further to fit your tailgating day, is change the color of the invite to the team you are rooting for.

2. Green Touch Down Dance Football Invite

Just like this card states, do you have your touch down dance ready? Host a football party for your friends and family with this fun football party invitation. With a simple green stripe background, you can change the color easily to your favorite team color to match your football day. The typography is very simple in this invitation, which makes it easier to customize to your needs. Make your invitations even more unique with our square shaped card.  It adds a stylish touch to your football invitations

3. It Game Time!

Invite your friends with this grunge inspired tailgate party invitation. With a black background, a grunge pattern overlays the corners of the invite to add a unique rugged texture to the card. The typography is simple and using only one font family, but shown in multiple ways. Using all caps or lowercase, is an easy trick to make certain text stand out from other information. Add a little pop of color by choosing your favorite team’s color and highlight important text with it.

4. Football Yard Line Birthday Invite

Score a Touchdown with this football inspired birthday party invitation. Great for the avid football fan or player in the family; this invite is all about football. With football hash mark lines going across the invitation, you can also pick your favorite photo and add it to the invite using our design center tools. The brown and green colors represent the football field, and adding a little grunge border adds a tough finishing touch.

5. Kick Off Football Invite

Kick off your party right with this Let’s Kick It football inspired invitation. With a blue background, and rays coming out of the center for a dramatic effect, the ‘let’s kick it’ is the central focus on the front with a football embellishment. The reverse is a continuation of the blue background, with all your party details. The blue can easily be changed to fit the team you root for by going to the background tab in our design center. This invite is perfect for hosting a family football tournament or in-house party. The typography is simple in a black color that is easily personalized.





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