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For those who like to keep daily to-do lists and scheduled appointments, the PurpleTrail daily planner is a great option. Choose between a three-month daily planner with a full-spread (2 pages) daily calendar or a 6-month daily planner with one page per day for planning.  This planner includes a total of 220 or 230 pages, respectively.


Daily Planner Size & Cover Options

Our newest daily planners come in your choice of two sizes:  6×8 and 8.5×11.  The smaller size is perfect for taking your planner on the go.  It fits neatly into your bag or tote while still being big enough to write down all your important details.  The larger size works great for those needing to carry a bit more paperwork with them while offering more space for planning and notes.

With PurpleTrail, customers can also pick between three cover materials to best meet their needs. Our first option is an unbendable and durable hard cover that can be customized on the front and back. It’s the most resistant to long-term wear and tear and will hold up against daily use. Our second option is a flexible laminate cover that can be personalized on all sides – front, inside front, inside back and back. Our third option is a two-layered synthetic cover with frost sheets. Your design is printed on a waterproof and tear-resistant synthetic material and finished with a frosted sheet protector that lays directly on top.

Our planners are also available as durable 3-ring binders, the perfect solution for people who like to add and remove pages.


200 Covers or Design Your Own

As with all personalized items at PurpleTrail, we let you customize as much as you want. Choose from more than 200 professionally designed covers with artwork in a variety of styles and colors. Each can be customized with your name, organization, project or anything.  If you’re feeling artsy you can always upload your own artwork in a PDF, jpeg or png file.  It’s also a great option for businesses and organizations who want to keep their staff productive and on task with a 2021 planner.

Additional Planners by PurpleTrail

If you have something else in mind for a planner, check out the other planners offered by PurpleTrail.  We have the right planner for your life stage and lifestyle.

Add-On Options

We’ve also included more than 30 add-on options that allow you to add special sections to your planner.  Each of these helpful sections is a robust 12 sheets/24 pages and come with a coordinating tab divider page to make access easy.  Among our most popular add-on sections are checklists, fitness tracker, password list and to-do list.  For a complete list of add-on options and detailed descriptions, see this post.

As a special add-on feature, we offer color coordinated stickers to dress up and organize your planner.  You’ll find brightly colored tabs, boxes, alerts and lists in addition to cute decorations for appointments, games, birthdays and more. Customize your weekly planner or monthly planner specifically for you and your organizational needs.  So decorate a little or a lot — it’s all up to you!

Personal planner add-on stickers.


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