New Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments are a hot item every holiday season. Everyone is looking to commemorate something. Be it Baby’s First Christmas, to your first holiday season while being married, to 50 whole Christmases together. The holidays are all about celebrating what’s special. PurpleTrail is celebrating too, we’ve got something special this year to share with you all. It’s a great addition to your holiday season and your Christmas tree. Our brand new Custom Christmas Ornaments are here! They can be for you and your family, or as a gift to brighten someone else’s tree.

Custom Christmas Ornaments as Keepsakes

Metal Custom Christmas Ornaments are new to us. We just started them this year. We’ve had metal prints and signs for a while, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we sized them down, and drilled a hole in them, and tied a ribbon through them so they can be Christmas ornaments. And while I suppose that isn’t the only purpose of hangers like these, you’ll find that most of our designs are Christmas and Holiday related.


As for some basic info about the ornaments, we have two sizes/styles. One is a circle, and one is designed after our bracket trim. The round is 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches, and the bracket one is 4 inches x 2.875 inches. The round one costs a little more as the area is a bit bigger. The material is metal, for extreme durability, something that can last even a few generations, which is a real value. No plastic here, all my plastic ones I got as a kid have broken by now.

Custom Christmas Ornaments as Baby Announcements

Our production and design team have worked very hard to get these just right. Starting with design, our professionals have created a collection of these Custom Christmas Ornaments. A lot of these took inspiration from our collection of card designs that would work just as well as an ornament. And just like our cards, they can be edited without limitation. If you want to jam pack that full of photos, be our guest. We have thousands of pieces of art that can be added to the ornaments, so don’t be shy.

Custom Christmas Ornaments for Wedding Announcements

Should you want to change our design to something you like better, go for it. We’re not offended if you change our design, we encourage that. We didn’t put all this work into an online card maker and design center to have it just be for changing the name on the item and calling it good. Our online tools were made for something greater, and our Personalized Christmas Ornaments are one of them.

We’ll add designs as time goes on like we do with our other categories. One of the things that drive our design options is customer requests. We get asked all the time if there’s a design we have for a specific event, or for another purpose. I can totally see that being the case for these as well. I see customers asking for an ornament that’s appropriate for a housewarming gift to someone moving during the holiday season. Or maybe your little one is being baptized or christened this time of year, and you want to celebrate the occasion with something that will last at least a generation. We’d love to see these be ordered year-round in honor of big events. If there’s something you had in mind for an ornament and you can’t quite build it, let us know, and we’ll help how we can.

Each ornament comes with a red ribbon tied through a hole in the top of the design. They are produced and shipped from our facility. We do all printing in house, so there’s a good handle on quality control for all of our items, something our competitors struggle with, as many have 3rd parties do their printing. Not at PurpleTrail, we have always printed, produced and shipped from our own facility.

We like to give customers options here at PurpleTrail. More design options and more items to customize are available now at our site, more than ever before, and that pace will continue for the foreseeable future. We’re always open to suggestions, and we’re looking every day for the next big thing, and adapting it to something fit for our site and you. There’s never been a better time to come see what’s going on at PurpleTrail.

Custom Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

We welcome you to come see all the cool things we make here at PurpleTrail. The list is always growing, be it new and different designs for a certain card type, or a new product type altogether. We are always innovating, and our customers help drive that. So come on down, and see what we can do to brighten your holiday season, or your wedding, or your move, or a lot of other events that you may be experiencing. You can always count on PurpleTrail to personalize something special for you!

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