Create Your Own Custom Envelopes

Oh Boy! Its A Girl Pink And White Onesie (Set) Girl Baby Shower Envelope

Embellish your custom envelopes with with designs and photos! Now you can create your own custom envelopes using the PurpleTrail design center.  You can choose any of our envelopes to customize or you can create your own design. Many of our envelope designs coordinate with our invitation and card designs so you can send a beautifully coordinated set. Erin from our design team shows you some of her favorite new custom envelope designs.

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1. Apple and Navy Polka Dots Envelope

For your back to school invitations, decorate your envelope to match with the same details for a finished look. The navy polka dot stripe down the side of your envelope and it perfectly accented by a matching red apple. Keep your typography detailed in the same color and fonts as your invitation. It’s fun and easy to dress this envelope up in our PurpleTrail design center.

2. Simple Circle Photo Envelope

Personalize your invitation envelopes further by adding your favorite photo to the outside them. It’s a beautiful way to showoff your baby’s little face for birthday invites or birth announcement. When selecting the option of an address label or full envelope, choose full envelope to get more customization options. Use the cropping tool to get a circular photo, or leave it at a rectangular shape. Also, you have the choice of making it a black and white photo, or keeping the effects the same. The envelope is fully customizable, as long as it is kept within the editable areas.

3. Pink and Yellow Whimsical Flowers Envelope

Customize this full envelope design to match your pink and yellow whimsical flowers invitation. When selecting the full envelope option in the design center, you have the option of designing the front left of the envelope and the back of the envelope. This is the perfect example of how far you can take the designing a full envelope option. Use the top left corner to fill in your address details with coordinating colors. Embellish the bottom with whimsical flowers to add a pop of color. Add the finishing touches by designing the back flap of your envelope. Your friends and family will love the added flare to your invitations.

4. Oh Boy! It’s a girl Pink and White Onesie Envelope

Instead of using address labels to stick to your envelopes, why not customize the envelope with our full color envelope printing service.  Selecting the address only option, you can add as much color or embellishments as you would like to the selected area. Make sure your return address is legible and easy to read. Here is a simple way to add color and texture to your envelope and without the fuss of sticking address labels on each envelope. Custom return address labels can be a big time saver, especially if you are sending out a larger number of invitations.


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