Create a Bridal Shower Recipe Binder in 4 Easy Steps


One of the best new trends for bridal showers is a bridal shower recipe binder for a gift for the bride to be. While it’s not a new notion for friends and family to pass down recipes at wedding showers, the binder customization options that are now available make it a beautiful and heartfelt gifting option.

It’s very easy to make a wedding shower recipe binder. The most time-consuming part is collecting the recipes. Find your family favorites for holidays, celebrations or special meals. They can be recipes for meals that are frequently made or just those that were made for a few occasions. When copying your recipes, it’s always nice to leave a tag that says where the meal was served. Especially if it isn’t a familiar one. Labels such as “prepared for Aunt Jennie’s first trip to America” or “made for the first meal in our new home 1977” will make preparation even sweeter and special.


So, how do you create a custom recipe binder for bridal or wedding shower? Here are our 4 easy steps:

1. Decide what type of custom recipe binder

There are lots of ideas for creating a recipe binder. It can focus on just one genre of meals such as entrees, appetizers or desserts. Or it can hold all the family recipes. The options are endless.

Also, it can come from just one guest, or it can be an activity at the shower itself. For a recipe book bridal shower activity, the host will supply a custom recipe notebook, and guests will each bring their favorite recipe to share.

Types of recipes can be assigned beforehand or just accept a random mix of recipes from all the guests. If making while at the shower, guests can fill out and decorate pre-printed pages. This allows them to include a personal note about the recipe and why they think the new couple will like it. Craft supplies such as markers, faux or dried flowers, jewels and more can be provided to adorn the page. A group share of which recipe was selected and why is a great interactive activity at the shower as well.

2. Gather recipes

If you include only your recipes, then gathering will be a less complicated task. Simply dedicate some time to sorting and organizing the recipes you would like to add. Sometimes it helps to categorize them by theme or type to make sure you select enough in each category you hope to fill. Including extended family members or friends is a bit more time consuming, though the end result will well be worth it.

Sending an email or text to each participant is the easiest way to solicit recipes. Make sure to tell them your plan and theme and include a deadline. You can also attach a document they can fill out that you can simply print and attach. Or you can just have them send you the recipe, and you can lay it out and print it just the way you want. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to print, assemble and wrap the final binder.


3. Create custom bridal shower recipe binder

Creating or decorating a custom binder to hold all of your recipes will make it feel professional and stylish. PurpleTrail ( has a great selection of 3-ring binder notebooks that can be professionally customized with photos, poems, quotes and more. They can even be created to match the shower theme, invitations or decorations. It’s effortless to personalize these with PurpleTrail’s free online design center. You can change background colors, add graphics and illustrations, and add logos or photos.

4. Prepare and insert recipes into a binder

You’re almost there! The final step is printing and inserting the recipes. If you’re interested in writing your recipes (handwriting is such a long-lost art!), PurpleTrail offers stylish recipe pages that can be inserted into the binder when it’s ordered.  Using a professional printer to print your recipes is also a great idea. It’s also helpful to use a heavier cardstock as it is durable and easier to handle. To keep your recipes looking good for years to come, try inserting them into plastic binder sheet protectors or sleeves and then adding them to the binder.

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