Corporate Holiday Invitations

Sometimes the annual corporate holiday party can be a little bit of a drag or it can be the highlight of the year. We think any excuse for a party is a good one and our design team has created a beautiful selection of Corporate Holiday Invitations for our 2021 holiday collection. You can customize any of our designs for your business holiday event, or you can even create your own with festive holiday embellishments that we provide in our design center. Whether you are looking for formal, funky or modern, this collection has a bit of every style.

Traditional Red

This traditional red corporate holiday party invitation has a modern and elegant feel to its overall look. With the use of banners, borders, and different font selections there is an aesthetic variety that creates a unique feel. Using separation is a great way to break up information so it flows easily for your viewers. By using a simple white text its an invitation that stands out and is great for a formal or casual business holiday gathering.

Formal Black Tie

Holidays are always about parties, and with corporate parties, many corporations have formal black-tie events. This Black tie gala theme is very sophisticated and perfect for a formal event. You can easily customize it to your formal event, but to get an elegantly simple look is to keep information minimalist. By using a script font and a simple san serif font you can achieve an elegant and formal-looking invitation.

Snowman Tie Holiday Office Party Invitation

Gold Foil Holiday Lights

This modern invitation is festive for the holiday season. With gold foil Christmas lights stringing across from side to side it provides a simple but fun decoration to the card. With its overall modern look, the type is very simplified with two additional fonts. Another great way to create separation between information is to use dashed lines. In this invitation, we have used solid lines on the top and bottom of the main wording. You can use one line on the bottom as well to get the same effect.


Make your company holiday party irresistible with fun and fresh corporate holiday party invitations.

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