Fun College Graduation Picture Ideas

College graduation is a major life accomplishment that you’ll want to remember forever with great college graduation pictures. From college graduation day photos to photos that capture your field of study and extra curriculum activities, this post has enough college graduation picture ideas to help you capture every aspect of your college experience.

College Graduation Picture Ideas

College Graduation Pictures: Graduation Day Photo Ideas

Whether you’re a parent or friend, capturing great graduation day photos can be a challenge for those attending the ceremony. Try snapping a few photos before leaving the house. While at the ceremony, try sitting as close to the stage as possible.

Use your zoom lens and flash to capture clearer photos. Make sure to let the grad of honor know where you’re sitting so he or she can look your way. When it comes time for the grad of honor to accept their diploma, be ready. Make your way closer to the stage and prepare to snap a lot of photos.

College Graduation Pictures: Fun Graduation Pictures

Use these fun graduation picture ideas to capture a few fun graduation pictures for your scrapbook, college graduation announcements, or graduation party invitations.

Graduation Picture Ideas: School Mascot

Including your college mascot in your college graduation pictures can make for fun college graduation pictures filled with school spirit. Make your college graduation pictures even better by striking a funny pose with your mascot or partaking in a funny or unusual activity together, like playing chess, dancing or something else related to your major.

Graduation Picture Ideas: Friend Group Photo

Gather your friends or sibling and make a joint graduation photo. Posing for photos with others is way more fun and is a memory to last a lifetime. You’ll love our joint graduation card options.

College Graduation Pictures: Posing for Photos

Use these college graduation posing ideas for photos to capture yourself at the most flattering angle. Find more tips in our Creative Senior Photo Ideas: Unique Poses, Settings, Props post.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: How to Pose for Graduation Photos

Finding the right pose can make all the difference in your college graduation pictures! In your college graduation pictures, your pose should not only look natural but also compliment your appearance. Use these college graduation picture ideas to find the perfect pose for your photos.

Avoid keeping your hands straight down by your sides. This is unflattering to your figure and will make you look stiff — it can even make your arms look bigger than they actually are. Try placing your hand on your hip, a nearby wall, overhead, or in your pockets instead.

The same goes for your legs. Try keeping a slight bend in your legs so you don’t appear rigged. Try leaning to one side or you can also rest against a wall. Sitting on something, crossing your legs, or leaning against a wall can also help. You can even try capturing a few snapshots of yourself lying in the grass.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: Props

In addition to making your college graduation pictures appear more natural, holding props in your graduation pictures can also add meaning. Here are just a few college graduation picture ideas that incorporate props. Have someone snap your photo while you’re:

  • Sitting next to a stack of your favorite books or textbooks.
  • Throwing your graduation cap in the air.
  • Throwing confetti in the air.
  • Holding or interacting with something that relates to your major, such as a musical instrument, sports equipment, a history book, and so on.

College Graduation Pictures: Creative Photo Ideas

Add creative flair to your college graduation pictures with these fun and unique college graduation picture ideas.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: Photo Timeline College Graduation Announcement

If you’re taking college graduation pictures, you’re probably also sending out graduation announcements and graduation party invitations.

If this is the case, consider sending friends and family a multi-photo college graduation announcement or invitation that features one or two college graduation pictures alongside a few photos of you as a baby, child, and teen.

Friends and family will adore your college timeline graduation photo announcement and treasure it for years to come.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: Filters, Lenses, & Forced Perspective

Different filters, unique angles, and special lenses can be used to give your college graduation pictures a unique look. See if your photographer has any special lenses, like a fisheye lens, they can use for your college graduation pictures.

Also, find out if they would be willing to experiment with unique angles or incorporate forced perspective into some of your college graduation photos.

Photographers can apply different shades and filters to your college graduation pictures later on in Photoshop. Simple additions such as these will make your college graduation pictures look totally unique and extraordinary.

College Graduation Pictures: School Photo Ideas

Your college campus is a great place to snap a few of your college graduation pictures. Use these college graduation picture ideas to add color and meaning to your college campus graduation pictures.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: Hobbies & Extracurricular Activities

Whether you’re a musician, cheerleader, quarterback, or artist, incorporating your interests or extracurricular activities into your college graduation pictures will help you capture who you are and what you enjoyed during your college experience.

If you love art, try snapping your college graduation pictures in your favorite art class or among your best pieces. If you love guitar or some other instrument, have your college graduation pictures taken while playing your beloved instrument.

It will be fun to look back on your photos to see what you were interested in college. Your college graduation pictures will act as a time capsule and allow you to reflect on how much you’ve changed or stayed the same over time.

College Graduation Picture Ideas: Signs

DIY signs can add a lot of fun and creativity to your college graduation pictures. From a sandy beach to slate and chalk to poster board and markers, and everything in between, there are a hundred ways of including DIY signs in your college graduation pictures.

Try taking your college graduation pictures at the beach. Write a short message or your graduation year in the sand. Snap a photo of you standing or sitting next to it.

Hold a chalkboard inscribed with a simple graduation message or inspiring quote in your college graduation pictures.

Try drawing a colorful mural on a large chalkboard that you can stand in front of for your college graduation pictures. Include things like crowns, wings, or hats, so when you stand in front of them, they appear attached to you. In addition to sketches, you can also write an inspiring quote or message, like “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt). Don’t want to create your own sign? You can find creative graduation signs on Etsy that will make your pictures dazzle and delight.


Don’t forget PurpleTrail also offers customized graduation banners that will make the graduation more special. Add unlimited photos, change text/fonts and colors as you please.

Hopefully, you found these college graduation picture ideas helpful! Good luck with your college graduation pictures.

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