5 Personalized Recipe Binders to Make

Delight your friends and family with a personalized recipe binder for the next holiday or celebration. With PurpleTrail you can easily create a recipe binder with a custom cover made especially for you. It’s fun and easy and the recipients will appreciate the heartfelt gesture. There are a variety of types of binders to make, but here are our five favorites!

 (1.) Holiday Personalized Recipe Binders

Holiday Recipe binders are one of our favorites to see speeding through our production lines. You know they’re going to make the recipient reminisce about meals with family during the holidays and grateful to tried and true recipes for the holidays all packaged into one, easy-to-use binder. There are many ways to identify the recipes to include in a holiday recipe binder. You can ask friends and family to send you their favorite holiday meal. That way you’re sure to receive a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Or, you can keep your holiday recipe binder focused just on a sweet treat such as cookies, cakes or pies. It is also a fun gift for guests following a cookie exchange party. Just have each guest bring a recipe of the cookie they brought to the swap. You can compile them and send everyone a beautiful personalized recipe binder filled with everyone’s recipes.

Holiday recipe binder by PurpleTrail.

(2.) Family Personalized Recipe Binders

Family recipe binders are a great way to preserve family traditions and memories. You can request recipes for all the family members or surprise them with a compilation of the best dishes brought to family celebrations and reunions that you’ve collected over the years. A personalized recipe binder is the type of gift that will likely be passed down through generations. And you don’t have to retype all of the recipes either. Scanned or photocopied pages of great-grandmas handwriting make this gift even more endearing and personal.

Family recipe binder by PurpleTrail
personalized recipe binder by PurpleTrail
Family recipe binder by PurpleTrail

(3.) Dessert Recipe Binders

Keeping all your sweet recipes in one personalized recipe binder makes it easy to keep and share your favorite desserts. It also helps to not have to search through recipes for appetizers, entrees and sides when you’re just looking for something with a bit of a sugar kick. A dessert recipe binder will make it easy to make all of your crowd-pleasing favorites and store ideas for future mouth-watering creations.

Having a desserts-only personalized recipe binder also means you can customize it to highlight the sweet treats contained inside. With PurpleTrail you can completely customize your cover to reflect your style and personality. You can include photographs of your favorite desserts or include a scanned image of a favorite recipe passed down through the generations. There’s an unlimited amount of options available for customizing a recipe binder for your family.

(4.) Wedding Shower Recipe Binders

Wedding shower personalized recipe binders are growing in popularity and make for a fun way to collect recipes from bridal and wedding shower guests. The concept is simple. The host or hostess can create a lovely recipe binder featuring the bride and groom’s new name and photos while guests are asked to bring copies of their favorite recipes to share. The couple will receive a recipe binder that contains proven recipes to start them out as they begin life as a married couple.

Another variation is for the mother of the bride or groom to transition all the favorite family recipes to the new couple. Included is a copy of the recipes they enjoyed growing up and now they can make for their family. It’s a great way to ensure they’ll eat nutritious, homestyle meals – just like the ones that mom used to make.

(5.) Your Own Recipe Binders

Custom recipe binders are perfect for organizing your kitchen. And adding beautiful custom covers make it easy to access and pretty to display in open bookshelves or cabinetry. These binders make it easy to divide your recipes into the categories that make the most sense to you and your family. While traditional binders of entrees, appetizers and desserts make sense for your family you might want to break it down a different way.

Binders containing recipes such as brunch, holidays, bar drinks, casseroles, or Instapot/Crockpot might make more sense in your home. Also, special dietary considerations and recipes can be contained in one binder and can be easily shared with others when needed. So, in short, recipe binders aren’t just for gifts. Give your kitchen a recipe makeover to make it more organized, personal and fun!

Join the ranks of the uber organized and create a custom binder for whatever you need to get under control. They’re perfect for holding any of our popular planner pages (weekly, daily, wedding, teacher, student and more) or our recipe, note and custom pages. With our online design tool you can customize the front, back and spine of the planner with text, photos and images to make it uniquely yours.

Tired of not being able to locate a favorite recipe when you want it? Avoid the kitchen chaos and create a recipe binder to hold and organize all your best recipes. Use our recipe inserts or add your own. It’s the perfect way to preserve and keep track of your favorite recipes.

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