13 Socially Distant Halloween Celebration Ideas

With social distancing measures in place throughout the United States, Halloween 2020 is going to look very different this year. However, this does not mean that it has to be any less fun! There are a ton of ways to keep you and your family in a festive mood, whether you want to decorate your house or car, host an event, or plan other Halloween activities. Keep reading for a list of games and other activities to make your socially distant Halloween fun and memorable.


Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

Trick out your ride for trunk-or-treat, an activity that puts a spin on the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. An organized event usually held in school or church parking lots, trunk-or-treat involves vehicles decorated in creative themes as kids go trick-or-treating from car to car. You can host this in your neighborhood, too, with neighbors setting up trunk displays in the driveway and passing out candy while still being socially distant. Note: Consider having designated adults (who commit to applying hand sanitizer) give out the candy rather than encourage lots of little hands to reach inside the bowl.


Costume Parties and Pumpkin-Carving Zoom

Host a Halloween-themed costume and/or pumpkin carving party on Zoom for friends and family. Create a spook-tacular playlist and have attendees show off their costumes on camera.

You can also gather remotely to decorate and carve pumpkins safely from your own homes. Interact while you craft by sharing spooky stories. At the end, award prizes to the best looks and pumpkins!


Halloween Egg Hunt

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Egg hunts aren’t just for Easter. Deck out your yard for Halloween and give the kids a cool way to be socially distant while trick or treating. Fill plastic eggs shells with candy, prizes and glow sticks, and hide them in the yard. You can also do this inside the home for extra safety.


Outdoor Scary Movie Marathon

Turn your backyard into a movie theater with a projector and invite friends for an evening of spooky classics. Set up picnic blankets at least six feet apart so families can enjoy each other’s company from a safe distance. If you don’t have a dedicated movie screen, you can make your own by hanging a bedsheet or projecting onto a light-colored wall.


Drive-by Trick-or-Treating

Coordinate with your neighbors to shake up the trick-or-treating this year. Let the kids stay in their yards and show off their costumes as people drive by tossing candy from their vehicles, like parade floats. You can get extra creative and decorate your car with signs, window paint, or a costume of its own.


Virtual Wine and Candy Pairing/Tasting Party

While it might not be standard practice to devour a bag of candy while drinking wine, Halloween is an exception! From red wine and mini Twix to Gummy Bears and Chardonnay, the candy plus wine thing is lit like a jack-o-lantern on October 31. Taste-test a variety of Halloween candy with a dozen wine varietals to find out which pairings will treat and which ones will trick.


You've Been Booed

You’ve Been Booed

Share ghoulish goodies with your neighborhood with this fun and easy activity. Deliver treats to two houses and make sure they don’t see you! Include a “we’ve been booed” printout and instructions with each drop off for your neighbors to hang on their door so no one gets booed twice. Each recipient will then boo two more houses until the whole neighborhood has received sweet treats!


Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Halloween Happy Hour (Adults)

Host a Virtual Halloween Happy Hour with your friends and family. Just because everyone is at home doesn’t mean you can’t wear a Halloween costume, fun and scary costumes can really lift everyone’s spirits. Make a Spotify playlist so you’re all listening to the same songs at the same time, grab your favorite dish from a local restaurant or your favorite snack, and send a signature cocktail recipe you can all mix at the same time. You can also play some classic games like Pictionary, Simon Says, Heads Up or Truth or Dare. Or, even easier, make your conversation a drinking game – every time a word is mentioned, everybody drinks.


Halloween-Themed Photo Scavenger Hunt

This one is great for groups of either adults or children! All you have to do is create a list of halloween-related items that would appear around your house or neighborhood. These items could be anything from a witch’s broom or candle, to a skeleton — feel free to get creative. The goal of the game is for each team (of any size) to take a picture with each of the items. Whoever takes all of the photos first wins!


Trick or Treat

Halloween Photo Greeting Cards

Your family may not be trick-or-treating this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t show off your costumes! Design your own Halloween Photo Greeting Cards to send to your friends and family to spread the halloween spirit. Browse all of PurpleTrail’s designs here.


Drive-thru Haunted House

Who says you have to get out of the car to be frightened? Drive-thru haunted houses have started popping up not just across the country, but across the world. While this year isn’t the first time that this type of attraction has existed, it is certainly surging in popularity due to the ability to offer scares while also maintaining proper social distance. Some Drive-thru Haunted Houses even host a family-friendly version presented during daytime hours.


Backyard Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch is a yearly tradition for many families, but it may not be available to all due to social distancing guidelines. Instead, bring the pumpkin patch to your own backyard! All you have to do is buy some pumpkins from your local grocery store as well as supplies to paint or carve them. Let your kids pick out the pumpkin they would like to decorate, and then have fun! You can even make some homemade yummy treats to go with the activities, such as homemade cinnamon donuts, apple cider, or baked pumpkin seeds.


Costume Fashion Show

Dress up in your old or new halloween costumes and put up a fashion show. Take photos or videos to share with friends and family. You could even post a funny video to TikTok or another social media site!


We hope that you love all of these ideas for Halloween 2020, and we are looking forward to seeing all of the creative ways that you will celebrate this year. Remember that all of our invitations are fully customizable, so they will work for whatever celebration you decide to have.

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